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Top 19 South African Business Directories to Get Your Small Business Noticed [Updated 2020]

Written by on August 29, 2016

To get word of your company out, you’ll need the help of local or national business directories. Registering with a listing site can be a relatively easy way to gain traction and draw in new leads.

Online business directories can be a powerful resource for helping your business gain exposure cheaply and effectively. The good news is that there are several free business directory options in South Africa.

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So first we’ll go over some of the benefits of registering with multiple directories and then outline an alphabetical listing of some of the top options for you to consider!

Top benefits of listing your business

Business directories are often so extensive that they need to be segmented by categories, locations, and/ or services. Their easy accessibility makes them widely used.

It’d be a huge missed opportunity to overlook the following benefits and fail to make time for adding your business listings.

1. SEO boost

Online business directories tend to have a relatively high domain authority. This makes them likely to appear higher in search results on Google and other search engines.  As a result, having your company listed on various business directories increases the likelihood your business will rank more frequently.

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2. Beneficial backlinks

SEO experts overwhelmingly advise that you focus on the quality of backlinks. These greatly contribute to a website’s popularity in search engine results.  By creating more brand awareness, your business will become more trusted and reputable as per Google’s filtering process.

3. Increased online presence

By having your business listed on the various business directory platforms, you are increasing your online presence. Even if somebody isn’t looking for what your company offers now, they may note your listing and remember it for the future.

4. Greater brand visibility

Keeping your profile details up to date on business directories will increase your brand visibility. Wherever possible add your logo as well as any other information that can help build up your brand awareness.

Always search for ways to let your potential clients know what you can do and how you can help them.

Now that you’re likely sold, let’s dive into our top picks for the best South African business directories, organized from A to Z.

Top South African Business Directories


  • Moz Domain Authority: 12
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 28

ActiveWeb is an up-and-coming online business directory that takes functionality very seriously. For this reason, it has the potential to generate visitors and increase the ranking of your business listing high on search engines.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 06
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 46

AtoZ is a South African business directory that underwent a site makeover back in 2016. They removed all listings considered to be spammy and have since focused on maintaining high standards while also sharing the local news and photographs.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 41
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 50

Ananzi was named after a powerful demigod of West African mythology. Following suit, it was one of the first South African search engines to surface and provides access to ads as well as SA Site Directory listings.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 18
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 36

Best Directory is a 100% free online business directory offering listings in South Africa. Their free service allows anyone to advertise an unlimited number of businesses at absolutely no charge.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 42
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 49

Brabys is the most comprehensive online business directories in the region. It has partnered with Ananzi to increase the usage and range of their directories. And as a result Braby’s has made leaps and bounds in a short space of time.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 08
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 01

Citylist is another promising new business directory that provides free listings. They offer a completely free unlimited plan as well as a few premium plans that include some beneficial add ons you may want to consider.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 20
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 47

Cylex was founded in 1998 and now operates business directories in 35+ countries. Business owners can take advantage of free basic entries to promote their companies online. Users also have the ability to check details and opening hours of companies, as well as read and write reviews about the products & services of businesses.

East Rand Business Directory

  • Moz Domain Authority: 53
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 08

We feel that ERBD deserves a mention even though it must be notes that this directory is only for business owners in the East Rand/Johannesburg area. The East Rand Business Directory offers free and premium business listings and an easy do-it-yourself advertisement creator.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 53
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 40

Entrepo is an online business magazine that publishes articles and reviews on all types of businesses and industries in South Africa. Adding your business listing on their directory is completely free.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 11
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 48

Findit is an online business directory to help find nearby IT service providers. So if you’re based in South Africa and providing IT related services, get yourself listed ASAP. Popular search categories range from computer networking to repairs and maintenance. Customers are bound to be searching for your niche.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 19
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 25

Freefind is another great online business directory which allows free listings of your South African Businesses. Having a business listing on FreeFind means that South Africans can view and share their experiences with the wider community.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 29
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 54

Hotfrog is an international business directory which operates in 38 countries around the globe. It receives around 1.5 million page views per month. By adding your profile keeping it up-to-date, you’re able to promote yourself to a huge online audience. SIgn up is easy and after verification, you’ll be able toadd images, a logo, opening hours and more.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 69
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 76

Kompass has more than 11.5 million contacts of verified businesses in 60+ countries all over the world. By registering your company, you have the chance to increase your online visibility and attract B2B clients locally, nationally and internationally.

List My Biz

  • Moz Domain Authority: 12
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 1.8

List My Bizis one of the newer more professional and reliable South African business directories. Plus it’s not only a Business Directory, but you can also list your products and specials. In terms of pricing, there’s a 12 month free option and premium options that cost as much as for R480.00 for 3 months.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 43
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 51

Nichemarket’s primary function is that of a social marketplace and business information hub. It’s a place where entrepreneurs can promote their business and services, and consumers can explore local listings.

Rate it All

  • Moz Domain Authority: 15
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 05

Rate it All offers a Free Service to all so you can simply Give & Get Feedback instantly. List any business free of charge. Register a free user account to start rating and listing things. Search their business directory to find contact details easily.

SA Business Club

  • Moz Domain Authority: 16
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 2.5

Potential customers use SA Business Club’s business guide to find new local providers every day. A link on can also help bolster search engine rankings. Not to mention listing your business will cost absolutely nothing.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 31
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 37

saYellow is one of South Africa’s oldest online business directories, available since 1997. The company lists more than half a million businesses across the country. It allows you to search by convenient classifications for companies matching virtually every type of business need.

The South African Business Directory

  • Moz Domain Authority: 12
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 22

The business directory is a free national business directory targeting South Africa and services over 40 different categories. It’s run by an exoerienced search engine professional who gets the need for smaller companies to advertise online with smaller marketing budgets available.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 21
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 41

Yalwa is a worldwide business directory in which companies can list their business and advertise locally. It offers some premium features, e.g. listing your business on top to help increase your success rate and ensure your business is not overlooked.


  • Moz Domain Authority: 30
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 51

YelloSa Business Directory has over 800 000 company listings, with new company registrations and customer reviews on a regular basis. Their clean design and user-friendly interface set it apart from many other SA online business directories.

Yellow Pages

  • Moz Domain Authority: 27
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority: 52

lastly, good ole Yellow Pages continues to pack a punch and deliver local commercial searches in South Africa that combine with effective advertising and marketing services.

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Happy listing!

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