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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 30/09/16

Written by on September 30, 2016

While Clinton and Trump broke all the broadcasting records in the US, the second month of autumn is already knocking on the door.

Let’s take a quick look at the latest news in our roundup from the past seven days and start enjoying this weekend.

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Small Business

1. Small businesses think that Hillary won the debates this week, and even Republican business owners agree.

2. With the new auto enrollment regulations in the UK, two fifth of small business employers think that workplace pension payments are a bad idea.

3. Losing a job might be beneficial: 21% of Canadian SME owners launched their businesses after getting fired.

4. According to BIPC, around 70% of Londoners want to start a business of their own, and Black and Asian minorities are the most eager to do that.

5. 49% of small businesses claim that keeping track of their finances and managing cashflow is one of their biggest concerns, and it’s still not the first.

6. Small businesses in the UK spend on average 26 hours per year taking cash to the banks. Isn’t it too much?

7. Many businesses switch to cloud software these days. What are the key 8 features of the SaaS that small businesses can’t resist?

8. Are you staying out of the iPhone vs Android battle and own a Windows phone? Then this list of the 24 best apps is just for you.

9. Running both low on budget and creativity? Take a look at these ideas for your small business that will cost you almost nothing.

10. Check our videos to know all the new features that InvoiceBerry offers to help you master online invoicing.

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

1. Almost 2.5 million freelancers hope to start a business of their own in the US. For more thoughts on the industry cliick here.

2. In India, freelancers are in demand not only in startups, but in large MNEs also. Here are the top skills that are needed.

3. Is the ‘Gig Economy’ another bubble, and the end of it is near? Read the reasons for and against this in the Forbes article.

4. Late payments is one of the biggest problems that freelancers face. Read how to handle all the clients’ excuses.

5. Download our 8 fresh PDF templates to startle your clients with your creativity and professionalism, and get paid faster.

6. It’s almost impossible to be financially successful without knowing the accounting vocabulary. We’re here to help with the 11 most essential invoicing terms.

7. Starting a new business definitely brings you a lot of advantages, but ‘being your own boss’ is sadly not one of them, and here’s why.

8. Due to the Big Shift, a lot of terms and definitions have to be revised. How did the ‘entrepreneurship’ notion change?

9. Read how Ryan Holmes, co-founder of Hootsuite, answered 20 questions on what led him to success.

10. What’s the best business advice that’s been given to you? Learn what inspired the now-successful entrepreneurs here.

Did we mention all the news of the week? Feel free to comment below!

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