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Small Business And Freelancing July Roundup

Written by on July 14, 2023

Welcome to July, a rainy month of the year!

Our newest collection brings together the latest news and helpful tips specifically designed for small businesses and freelancers.

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We invite you to explore these articles, as they provide valuable insights and strategies to boost productivity in your freelancing career and support the growth of your business.

Small Business

  1. This article emphasizes the growing demand for online education and offers step-by-step instructions to help entrepreneurs get started. It also covers essential aspects such as defining target audiences, selecting a niche, creating a business plan, choosing suitable online platforms, marketing strategies, and managing finances.
  2. The article covers a variety of industries, including retail, service-based, and online businesses. It serves as a helpful resource for individuals seeking opportunities to start their own ventures without breaking the bank.
  3. Starting a Personal Training Business provides guidance for individuals interested in launching their own personal training business. It highlights the importance of obtaining the necessary certifications and qualifications to ensure expertise in the field.
  4. The article discusses three key strategies: identifying the target audience, developing a compelling value proposition, and implementing a strong sales team. By focusing on these strategies, entrepreneurs can enhance their company’s selling potential and drive growth in their business.
  5. The article emphasizes the importance of creating a brand identity that aligns with the target audience and differentiates from competitors. It also highlights the significance of leveraging digital marketing channels, storytelling, and customer engagement to build a strong brand presence in 2022.


  1. By understanding and utilizing these formulas, entrepreneurs can analyze their financial data effectively and make informed business decisions.
  2. By leveraging AI tools, finance professionals can enhance their efficiency and accuracy in decision-making processes. It highlights how AI technology can assist finance professionals in data analysis, market research, and risk assessment.
  3. The article covers essential tips such as understanding market trends, building a strong network, staying updated on financial regulations, and managing cash flow effectively. These tips can guide first-time finance entrepreneurs toward establishing a successful business in the industry.
  4. This article is a helpful resource for entrepreneurs looking to grasp finance fundamentals and apply them to their small business operations.

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

  1. Check the importance of networking for entrepreneurs and offers practical tips for building meaningful connections here. The article provides the benefits of networking, such as gaining referrals, finding potential business partners, and staying updated on industry trends.
  2. This article clearly defines an entrepreneur and outlines steps to become one. The article discusses qualities such as creativity, risk-taking, and problem-solving skills that entrepreneurs possess.
  3. The article addresses the challenges of maintaining work-life balance and suggests strategies for setting boundaries and creating a healthy work routine.
  4. The article covers essential aspects such as branding, marketing, client management, and financial planning. It offers guidance on establishing a professional reputation, securing new projects, and managing freelance work to ensure long-term success.


  1. It explains how product retouching can enhance sales for businesses. It discusses the importance of high-quality product images and how professional retouching services can improve the visual appeal of products.
  2. The article explains the significance of creating valuable and engaging content, such as project showcases, expert advice, and customer testimonials. By implementing these strategies, construction and trade businesses can effectively promote their services and attract new clients.
  3. The article highlights Instagram’s popularity as a marketing platform, the demographics of its users, and the effectiveness of visual content for business promotion. Understanding these statistics can help businesses make informed decisions about utilizing Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.
  4. It discusses how content marketing can establish brand credibility, reach target audiences, and generate leads cost-effectively. By leveraging content marketing strategies, startups can gain a competitive edge and build a strong foundation for future growth.

We hope this roundup provides valuable resources and inspiration for your small business or freelancing journey. Stay tuned for the next one! 😉

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