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Small Business and Freelancing January Roundup

Written by on January 08, 2021

Welcome to 2021! The previous year has brought small business owners many unprecedented times. Now we’re putting all our hopes on this year being better and more positive.

Let’s have a look at the most important news and updates for small biz owners.

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Small Business

1 . Wondering what you should consider before choosing an accountant? Make sure to check out this article to find out how to pick a right accountant for your small biz.

2. The IRS simplified tax accounting rules for small businesses. You can find more detail here.

3. As a small business owner, you want to start thinking about your retirement options. Check out this article and have a look into your own retirement strategy.

4. As we’re entering 2021, it’s an ideal time to focus on your New Year’s resolution and start planning your business strategy. Here are 9 resolutions small biz owners should focus on.

5. An invoice should look professional and reflect your business’ values. Here’s a step by step guide on how to create a beautiful Google Docs invoice.

6. Millions of US small businesses managed to stay profitable during the pandemic. Here’s how the new Covid relief legislation helped them survive the difficult times.

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

1 . Working from home (WFH) offers flexibility, comfort and convenience. However, it may also affect your quality of sleep and increase the feeling of social isolation. Check out here how WFH affects your well-being.

2. Working from home isn’t the same as working from the office as for many employees especially juniors it’s difficult to keep up with tasks and work in a new environment. Check here how to keep track of your employees’ work without invading their space.

3. Entrepreneurs should also focus on specific New Year’s resolutions in order to keep growing in 2021. Here are 4 lessons that you can use to our advantage.

4. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shares his predictions for 2021 and not everything is encouraging. Check here what we can expect this year.

5. Speculations say that Facebook is thinking of launching a freelance marketplace. Find out here why the platform would be interested in entering the freelancing.

6. Timesheet apps allow you to easily track hours your employees spend on certain projects and helps to monitor employee engagement. Check out these top 14 timesheet apps for your business.


1 . Identifying market opportunities in a digital age can be quite challenging. Have a read here to find out how to balance agile, flexible and innovative elements into your business plan.

2. In the past few years, eCommerce sales grew immensely. Check out here the biggest eCommerce shopping trends and best platforms to start online business.

3. Marketing is always going to be a key component of a successful business. Find out here how to create an effective marketing plan for your small biz.

4. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and you should always be on top of marketing trends. Here’s how to revamp your digital marketing in 2021.

5. Google My Business listing are extremely important for businesses in all industries. Here’s how to make the most of your Google My Business (GMB).

That’s it for today! Stay safe and Happy New Year 🙂

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