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Introducing InvoiceBerry’s Worldwide Accountant Directory

Written by on January 04, 2021

Accountants can be lifesavers when it comes to handling some of the financial rigmarole within your company. Deciding on the right accountant or an accounting firm can pose difficulties for some – though this can be avoided with the help of an informative accountant directory.

We previously brought you this informative article on how to find the perfect accountant. Now we’ve taken it a step further and actually went ahead and compiled a hefty list of great accountants from around the globe.

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We’ve been growing this directory for a while now and it’s our sincerest hope that it’ll help you find a stellar accountant in your area.

Now as previously stated, an accountant should only ever make onto your roster through a well-informed decision. This means being able to assess all available possibilities – again that’s where an accountant directory comes into play.

Our directory has all the pertinent accountant information you could ever wish for. As an added bonus you can even contact each accounting firm directly from our website if the need ever arises.

The directory comes with a few nuances, so here is how you can utilize it to its fullest potential.

Select the right city in the accountant directory

At this moment, our directory is catering the audience within the English speaking countries – United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Ireland.

We have managed to accrue the best accounting firms in the key metropolis areas within those countries. Of course, our directory will keep growing as time goes on, to include other parts of the globe.

Our accountant directory currently includes these cities.
Available countries and cities at this moment

Go ahead and select your location. Remember, that you don’t necessarily have to be in the precise city that’s listed above. You can even look through the accountant list if you are in the suburbs of the mentioned cities. Not to mention the fact that some accounting work can be done remotely (just be sure to find an accountant that operates in the same country since accounting laws / regulations will vary).

Note list of accountants in your area

By now you should’ve clicked on the appropriate city. In the example, we clicked on Chicago.

Accountant directory listing firms in Chicago.
Accountant directory listing firms in Chicago

Once you have selected your city, you will see the total amount of accountants or accounting firms within the city at the top of the screen. Each firm will have a short description adjacent to them, giving you a quick introduction to their activities/experience.

Compare firm information

Before you choose an accountant firm, we implore you to conduct an in-depth analysis of each firm that we have listed within the accounting directory.

Accountant directory gives you a chance to explore each firm.

  1. You can see the address of the firm. That is their physical location within a particular city. Some firms can have multiple office locations across a variety of cities.
  2. Visit the accounting firms website to get acquainted with additional information.
  3. Send the firm a direct message if you have any questions, comments or concerns. This can be done directly from our website – just click the button “Send Message”.
  4. Shows you exactly what type of accounting services are offered by the particular firm. Gives you a quick way of assessing the competences of a firm at a glance.
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What to consider before choosing your accountant

  • Accounting fees will vary from one firm to the next. Some charge a set rate for each financial task performed whereas others will charge by the minute. Weigh the options carefully and if you end up choosing the latter, just remember every phone call you make to the accountant will result in an increased bill!
  • Qualifications matter, but they’re inversely proportional to your business’ accounting needs. If you know you require lots of in-depth financial support, then you’ll probably benefit more from a general accounting firm that employs certified public accountants. On the other hand, if you just need some assistance filing your taxes for example, a firm with in-house trained tax preparers may work just fine. 
  • Audit Support can be a lifesaver whenever stressful IRS audits are underway. Try to land an accounting firm that offers their own offices for audit purposes and provide an accountant to represent the interests of your small business.
  • Availability to meet is should also be factored in very seriously.  If you’re now setting up shop, there’s a high likelihood you’ll have frequent business questions that’ll call for timely answers. So it’d important to figure out the firm’s policy on communication and meeting. Is your accountant really a phone call away or will you need to schedule in-person meetings well in advance?
  • Size matters. The wide array of accountants and firms to choose from can be daunting. It may be tempting to go with the biggest and presumably most reputable name. But be careful not to a overlook an ideal smaller firm and note that large firms sometimes contract work out to smaller accounting firms, so ensure you ask who will be handling your account before deciding anything.
  • References whether personal or professional never lose their shine. So reach out to friends and associates to find out their accountant recommendations. The insights offered can save you lots of regret in the long run. 
  • Personal Preference should never be ignored. You can hire the big name accountant with loads of clout, but if you don’t feel comfortable discussing your finances, you won’t be getting the kind of top-notch service you need. Choose an accountant who does a great job at breaking down the complicated stuff and makes you feel at home.
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 Interviews and Reference Checks

Small business need to take hiring decisions very seriously, especially when it comes to selecting an accountant. The accountant will have access to your company’s books, records, and other proprietary information.

So take into account all of the considerations outlined above and whenever interviewing firms on the whole, ask to meet with the staff members who will be servicing your account. Try to get a good feel of the firms’ culture and work ethic. 


We’re here to help

Your accountant is a major player when it comes to the oh so important task of assessing you SMB’s financial records. The accountant you settle on may be responsible for the verification and accuracy of all financial statements.

Accountants also verifies that all of your financial information follows legal guidelines. This makes them a critical middle man, not to mention invaluable advisor when comes to gauging how your business is doing overall.

And even if you’re now just starting out as a freelancer, you’re eventually going to want a good accountant and speedial.  An informed someone you can call upon to help you make various financial decisions and deal with money matter like tax returns is a must.

We’ll do all we can to help you with your search!

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