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Small Business And Freelancing September Roundup

Written by on September 16, 2023

Welcome to a month full of joy and cheerfulness!

This month, we have gathered some of the latest and greatest news and tips for small businesses and freelancers to help you be more productive this quarter. Enjoy the lovely weather in September with our newest collection of articles! 🙂

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Small Business

1. Contactless payments are becoming popular. Small businesses should accept them to attract new customers and improve checkout speed. To do this, companies must get a contactless-enabled payment terminal and educate their staff. Check this article for more details about how to prepare your small business.

2. Marketing automation is using software to automate repetitive marketing tasks. This can help small businesses save time and money and improve their marketing ROI. Many different marketing automation software solutions are available, so choosing one that is right for your business’s needs and budget is essential. Read the article about how marketing automation can help your business grow.

3. Local marketing focuses on nearby customers for physical stores. It’s important because most people find local businesses online. Tactics like mobile-friendly websites, local content, and social media help. Also, being part of the community and using signs or print materials work. This strategy helps businesses grow and be known in their area.

4. Good customer service is essential for small businesses. This article offers 20 helpful tips for small business owners to enhance customer service. Hiring knowledgeable, friendly staff, utilizing efficient support software, and showing empathy during challenges can foster positive interactions.

5. Uwe Dreissigacker, the founder of InvoiceBerry and BlogHandy, aims to make life easier for busy entrepreneurs. In a recent conversation, he shared his journey, including his gaming platform and how InvoiceBerry began. He discussed strategies for balancing blog post quantity, quality, and future business plans. Overall, Uwe focuses on automating businesses so owners can concentrate on growth.

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1. Robo-advisors are digital platforms that use algorithms to manage investments and offer financial advice. They’re convenient, cost-effective, and accessible to various investors. However, there are challenges like automation limitations and cybersecurity risks. Despite this, robo-advisors are expected to grow and work alongside human advisors, shaping the future of personalized finance.

2. Financial ratios are calculations using a company’s financial statements to understand its performance. They help us see if the company is making a profit, managing its debts, and growing. Business owners and investors use these ratios to understand how well the company is doing and make informed decisions. Check out the full article to learn more about these essential ratios and how they work.

3. A financial budget is a plan that helps organizations manage their money wisely. It estimates how much money they will make and spend. By creating a budget, businesses can make more profit, pay bills on time, and be prepared for taxes. The budget is like a roadmap for spending and saving. Read the full article to learn how to make a financial budget in 6 simple steps.

4. Financial Risk Management is about recognizing and handling various risks in business. These risks include operational risk (problems within a company), foreign exchange risk (changes in currency value), credit risk (borrowers not paying back loans), and reputational risk (damage to a company’s image). Managing these risks is vital for a company’s success.

5. To understand the difference between finance and accounting, you must know what each term means. Finance is about handling money and planning for the future. Accounting records financial details at a specific moment. Finance looks at cash flow and worth, while accounting uses accrual methods. Both help understand a company’s finances, with finance for strategy and accounting for details. Learning financial skills is essential for smart business choices.

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Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

1. A side hustle is like a second job that helps you earn extra money along with your regular job. This article shares 34 great side hustle ideas. There are many creative ways to do this. You can start an online store and sell products without keeping them in stock, make and sell your crafts, write a blog, design websites, or even teach something you’re good at online. There are many options, so you can choose something you enjoy and make extra cash.

2.“Gig workers,” “contingent workers,” and “freelancers” may seem alike, but they’re a bit different. Gig workers are independent, like temporary or freelance workers. Contingent workers get jobs through staffing agencies, while freelancers find their work and manage it themselves. Gigworx helps folks become gig workers and find jobs they like.

3. Freelancers are important to businesses because they can help with different jobs without being full-time workers. You can earn money by learning web design, writing, and SEO skills. You can learn these freelancers’ skills online for free or cheap. It’s a great way to earn money and have flexibility in your work. So, if you want to earn more and have flexibility, these skills can help you.

4. Freelance marketplaces are online platforms where companies and freelancers connect for temporary work. They’re growing rapidly in Europe, except in Germany. Popular platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork offer various opportunities and services. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, so freelancers should choose the one that suits their needs and skills. To know more about the freelance marketplace, read the full article.

5. This article tells about the freelance writing niches. In 2023, you can still find good freelance writing jobs. You can specialize in what you write about or how you write it. Starting with how you write is a good idea. High-paying writing jobs include making long blog posts, e-books, white papers, and case studies. Writing about money, new technology, and online marketing can make you more money. Pick a job that you know about and like.

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1. Sales conversion is crucial for business success. This article provides practical tips for improving sales, such as understanding your audience, creating compelling pitches, building strong relationships, and handling objections effectively. It also emphasizes consistent follow-ups, closing confidently, and using incentives. Implement these strategies to boost your sales. Check the article for more detailed insights.

2. A marketing campaign is a focused effort by a company to achieve specific goals, like promoting a new product or building brand awareness. There are various marketing campaigns, such as product launches, social media promotions, and email marketing. To create a successful campaign, you must set clear goals, identify your target audience, and monitor your progress. Analyzing data after the marketing campaigns helps you understand its effectiveness and make improvements for future efforts.

3. This article tells us the difference between brand and marketing strategy. Brand, marketing, and business strategies are essential for a successful business. Business strategy is your roadmap for success. Brand strategy defines your brand’s purpose and values. Marketing strategy helps you reach customers using your brand. Together, they build trust, create memorable content, and ensure consistent experiences for your brand’s success.

4. In the digital era, having a strong social media presence is crucial for businesses. These five tips for social media marketing can help you succeed: Create a unique strategy for each platform, keep your branding consistent, produce engaging content, interact with your audience, and analyze metrics for improvement. A well-planned social media strategy can enhance your online performance and expand your audience.

5. Understanding your target audience is essential in today’s competitive market. This group of potential customers, defined by factors like age, interests, and location, is the key to effective advertising. You can reach your audience effectively by creating personas, analyzing customer data, and using tools like media kits and social media.

We hope you found our small business and freelancing September roundup informative and updated. It will help you to grow your business with the right financing, marketing, and tools. Stay tuned for the next one!

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