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Small Business And Freelancing June Roundup

Written by on June 09, 2023

Welcome to June, a warm month of the year!

Our latest collection has compiled a selection of the most recent news and valuable tips curated explicitly for small businesses and freelancers. We encourage you to explore these articles, which offer insights and strategies to enhance productivity in your freelancing career and foster your business’s growth.

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Small Business

  1. If you’re considering starting a web development business, look no more. We provide tips and tricks on how to start a profitable web design business in 2023 and achieve success.
  2. Perhaps you already have a concept in mind for the business you wish to establish. However, even if you feel prepared for a new entrepreneurial venture and enthusiastic about your idea, you may be seeking some guidance. In order to provide you with a starting point, we have compiled a list of small business ideas.
  3. Based on data released by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2019, approximately 20% of startups experience failure within their inaugural year, with half of them ceasing operations within five years. To help you steer clear of becoming another statistic, here are valuable insights and strategies to ensure the sustainability of your business.
  4. Launching a small business requires careful consideration of numerous factors, emphasizing the significance of effective planning and the avoidance of common mistakes. To assist you in evaluating the feasibility of starting a business, take into account the suggested dos and don’ts here.


  1. A poorly designed invoice can make you look unprofessional and potentially delay payment. But don’t worry. In this blog, we’ll cover six sure-fire ways to build professional invoices to help you get paid on time every time.
  2. In this post, we’ll dive deep into ways to get paid faster by your clients, including why you need to get paid timely and how to streamline your payment process so your clients can pay you on time.
  3. Effective management of your business finances is crucial for the overall success of your company. There are numerous approaches to organizing your profit and loss statements and other financial statements that can contribute to your success. By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your financial management and propel your business toward its goals.
  4. Effective business financial management is crucial for your company’s survival, even if you lack experience in this area. By establishing responsible financial habits, you can ensure your business is on the path to prosperity. Here are key steps to help you develop the necessary skills for managing your business finances.

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

  1. Accelerating productivity and achieving your goals more efficiently is within reach with these six strategies. If you’re prepared to overcome procrastination and unlock new levels of productivity, delve into these techniques.
  2. Starting your freelancing career? We’ve got you covered with essential steps to launch your business and acquire your first clients.
  3. Learn valuable insights and strategies for mastering the art of freelancing, including finding clients, managing projects, and building a thriving solo career.
  4. Cultivate the essential traits and mindset required for entrepreneurial success, including resilience, adaptability, creativity, and a growth-oriented mindset.


  1. Discover strategies to increase interaction, build brand loyalty, and drive customer engagement with our guide.
  2. This informative article explores the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on e-commerce email marketing. Gain insights into how AI-powered tools and automation can enhance personalization, segmentation, and overall email marketing effectiveness.
  3. Uncover misconceptions surrounding various marketing strategies and learn the truth behind them to make informed decisions for your small business.
  4. This article offers a comprehensive guide to marketing careers, providing valuable information on education paths, job opportunities, and required skills. Explore various marketing roles and gain insights into building a successful career in the field.

We hope this roundup provides you with valuable resources and inspiration for your small business or freelancing journey. Stay tuned for the next one! 😉

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