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Why Small Businesses Should Switch to a VOIP Technology

Written by on November 20, 2017

Keeping in pace with the growth in communication systems, the communication arrangement of your business needs to be refreshed on an on-going basis. Your phone systems should stay relevant with optimized operations to enhance communication.

Virtual phone systems are the most advanced way to keep your communication updated with the prevailing technology.

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Listed below are the potential advantages of VoIP which will definitely drive your small business to switch from a traditional phone system setup to a virtual phone system one.

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The VoIP allows you to access phone calls from anywhere, anytime even if you are away from your office premises.

You just require an internet connection and you are all set to receive or make calls. You can talk to your customers even if you are out for a family gathering or enjoying a meal at restaurant.

They just have to make a regular call on your phone and your VoIP will direct it to your mobile phone. So now, no more worrying about missing important calls, VoIP is there to take care of it.

Counterfeiting existence

You are in South America and want to contact a customer from North America, won’t it be more convincing if you can make a phone call from a local number from North America?

VoIP provides you with the opportunity to do so. Using VoIP, your phone number can have an area code of any part of the globe you desire.

Manifold connectivity

It does happen that your customer gets irritated if they call you and it gets forwarded to voicemail. VoIP helps you to get a ring on devices (cell phone or landlines) before your call is send to voicemail.

This gets you in a better chance to answer your customers thus racking up goodwill among them.

Cost effective

VoIP is much more cost-efficient than the traditional phone systems as they do not require you to buy various telephone infrastructure, equipment and plans.

Traditional phones are far more costly as they call for lengthy setup, maintenance and upgradation. In VoIP you only need access to a phone service and an internet connection, and you are ready to leverage all the advantages of VoIP.

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Opens doors for video conferencing

VoIP gives you the privilege to do video conferencing with your coworkers, clients, and so on.

This will open up possibility of virtually being available in front of them even if you are not physically present at the same location. Many times videoconferencing done with clients helps to gain their confidence and sign more deals as it becomes easier to convince them.

Call processing

It helps to process multiple calls simultaneously everyday. It facilitates the sorting of calls on a priority basis. If several callers are calling at a particular time it has the ability to segregate the more important ones from the others which can be answered afterwards.

It also makes a way for automatic messages to be delivered regarding various company policies, services and discounts to the customers.

Call recording feature

The call recording feature provided by VoIP helps you record your calls for future reference.

This will help take your customer care to the next level. It stores all the data in a single cloud computing network which makes retrieving and processing of your data easier.

Call tracking

Tracking of any missed/unanswered calls can be done using this technology.

Such calls can be further looked into. This helps to overcome the hindrance of missing out on important calls.

Payments through VoIP

One of the most fascinating benefits that comes as package of VoIP is its ability to seamlessly integrate with your bank account. T

his helps you and your customers to make payments through it. So no more standing in a queue at banks as long as this technology is there to assist you.

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Bottom Line

VoIP has come forward to act as saviour for your business in the hyper-connected and cut-throat competitive world.

You might be thinking as its utilities are numerous the installation will include wearisome course of actions. But to your surprise, you will find that it comes with a installation process as easy as ABC.

There are many enterprises that offer VoIP solution for all sectors of business. You just have to make a wise choice and they will be there to assist you with a trouble-free installation process. Get going, get started, introduce VoIP and lay eyes on your flourishing business!

Working as digital marketing manager at CallHippo, Ashok Pandit loves to share his knowledge about VoIP and virtual phone systems. Ashok has reviewed software in various categories including small business, startups and cloud telephony.

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