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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 12/08/16

Written by on August 12, 2016

Summer is wrapping up, and we already have less than 90 days before welcoming America’s next president.

But for now, let’s focus on the latest news from the small business, freelancing and entrepreneurship world.

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Small Business

1. Some think that Hillary is the only choice for US small businesses, and here’s the reason why.

2. Trump claims that it’s impossible to start a small business in the US, but is it really?

3. The US Small Business Optimism Index has increased to 94.6, but is still lower the historical maximum of 98. Experts say that it is currently in ‘maintenance mode’.

4. Did Brexit impact the US economics? This article states that not so much.

5. Without a doubt, Harry Potter isn’t only for children. Learn his 8 magic tricks for the small businesses summed up by our own wizard Bernard.

6. Facebook became the best ad platform for small businesses and here’s why.

7. Thinking about borrowing money? Check the list of the best small business loans here.

8. These four LinkedIn tips will be helpful before hiring for your small business or startup.

9. Listing your business in online directories may help you become more visible and get you to the top of Google search. Here are the best ones in the US.

10. Also, we created a list of the best Android apps for small business owners. Take a look at all 59 of them here.

Freelance and Entrepreneurship

1. There’s an opinion that Trump’s new tax plan will make all of us go freelance and here’s how.

2. Financial services seem stuck in the past century. Can they keep up with the freelancer economy?

3. Who are the Zentrepreneurs and are they here to stay? But we’ll definitely take some time to get used to this new term.

4. Tax rules for freelancers and entrepreneurs seem to be one of the most important topics. Read here how to deal with them.

5. What will freelance biohackers do and what are the other jobs of the future?

6. Coworking spaces adjust to their customers’ needs: meet tech, creative, and kid-friendly options in addition to the traditional ones.

7. How and where do entrepreneurs get their ideas? Check out the four main sources.

8. Can all millennials become entrepreneurs? Read about these 8 insights to make sure you’ll manage it.

9. Where do freelancers want to live? Take a look at the top ten cities in the US.

10. And here 8 top entrepreneurs give their advice on how to make a good-looking website.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup and please let us know in the comments below if we missed something today!

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