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Must-Have Templates For Virtual Personal Assistants

Written by on December 14, 2014

Virtual personal assistants have to have a large amount of forms, templates, agreements, proposals and so on in their cupboard in order to use them whenever needed by a client. Have you ever wondered how much time does it take for you to look for these documents?

To get some great tips on how to become a Virtual Personal Assistant, check out our guide How to Break into the Virtual Assistant Market!

In order to save your time I created a list of links where most of the templates needed for personal virtual assistants can be found:

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  1. Business plan templates are used to define goals, research the market, prepare marketing plans and evaluate the business overall
  2. Cash flow statement templates are used to keep track of the cash flow in a business
  3. Profit and loss account templates are used to show the revenue the company made in a given period of time
  4. Balance sheet templates are used to summarise the assets, liabilities and the shareholder equity of a company
  5. Invoice templates are used to send out invoices and quotes
  6. Official government forms & model business documents are used to manage everyday business

These are some of the best templates for virtual personal assistants. If you think this blog post is useful, then bookmark it to find it in the future and share it with your friends!

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