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15 Tasks That A Virtual Personal Assistant Can Perform For You

Written by on February 25, 2015

A Virtual Personal Assistant has one task: to make your life easier.

Doing too many things at once is going to lead to failure. It’s just impossible to do everything  yourself. A “superhero syndrome” is going to lead to a super failure day.

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If you haven’t experienced this failure yet then you still have time to change the way you do things.

Getting started with outsourcing is the most difficult part for entrepreneurs because they don’t actually know what tasks can be outsourced. Also, entrepreneur don’t always tend to trust their virtual personal assistant (VA). If you outsource tasks to a VA who has knowledge in a specific field, e.g.  graphic design or programming, then there’s little ground to mistrust them with small tasks.

So to get you an idea of what tasks can be outsourced, I prepared a quick list of general duties that a VA can perform for you:

  1. Editing content (proofreading)
  2. Blogging
  3. Managing presentations
  4. Maintaining website(s)
  5. Providing customer support 24/7
  6. Doing market research
  7. Creating, setting up & managing social media accounts
  8. Writing & sending invoices, quotes
  9. Managing & filtering emails
  10. Entering data
  11. Scheduling
  12. Managing files
  13. Recruiting (human resources)
  14. Booking trips (hotels, flights, restaurants etc.)
  15. Tracking expenses

It’d be silly to think that one person can do all these tasks.

Looking to get started as a virtual assistant? Read our full guide How to Break into the Virtual Assistant Market for in-depth information.

Outsource to a few skilled VA’s and you’ll see how much more time you have to perform the most important tasks for your business.

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