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5 Templates and Tips for Chimney Sweep Business

Written by on November 03, 2014

Chimney sweeps are usually a one-man band. The business owner has to be responsible for the business management as well as the chimney sweeping. Business management includes advertising and attracting new clients, sending quotes and invoices, tracking and managing expenses and managing employees (if there are any).

Doing all of this by yourself can be challenging. It’s quite likely that you don’t have enough knowledge about business management in order to really drive in big profits. Therefore, I created a list of tips and templates that should help you to manage your business and increase your cash-flow.

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1) Business plan template. If you haven’t written a business plan for your chimney sweep business yet, I highly recommend you to do so right now. The business plan template helps you to understand your industry and competition, create a marketing plan and a business strategy.

2) Online invoicing software. You need to sign up for one to send invoices and quotes. Invoiceberry helps you to do that in a very easy way. Invoiceberry also allows you to track and manage expenses, and create various reports to view your income, cash flow and expenses.

3) Small business advice. You can find a lot of useful advice there in regards to small business management and start-ups.

4) Profit and loss account templates. You’ll need the templates to calculate the revenue, expenses and profit/loss accounts of your chimney sweep business.

5) Join chimney sweep associations. By joining associations, professional organisations and clubs you give your business credibility. Also, you get a chance of networking and meeting like-minded people.

Being a chimney sweep and businessman at the same time is not easy but definitely possible. I hope you find these templates useful and you’ll use them to make your business management easier and your business grow.

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