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Free Ebook: The Freelancer’s Guide to Photography

Written by on September 01, 2016

Freelance photography is in demand. While the number of full-time photographers is decreasing, freelance photography is set to increase by 15% over the next two years.

If you’re interested in photography, you probably have one big question: how do I get started? With that, you should probably also ask yourself:

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Once I get started, how can I succeed?

Our free ebook The Freelancer’s Guide to Photography will help you answer these questions.

Help answer all your burning freelance photography questions with our free guide

Sure, you can just go ahead and take pictures, post it on Facebook to your close circle of friends, and then hope that soon the clients will come trickling in. That’s how most freelance photographers start anyways.

But—that’s also how most freelance photographers fail, without many clients and wasting a lot of time. It’s what happens when you don’t have a firm strategy in mind.

Here’s where the free ebook The Freelancer’s Guide to Photography comes in play. Our new guide walks you through the steps you’ll need to complete in order to not just start your new business, but to get your customers and generate income.

Download our free ebook and you’ll find the following tips:

The Pros & Cons of Freelance Photography

Our free photography ebook is filled with all the information you need to start your freelancing career

Freelance photography will be great when you get into it, but first you have to know what you’re getting into. What are the best parts of the market?

For the pros, we discuss the benefits of working for yourself, the growth that you’ll experience, and the fact that you’ll be working in a pretty much unpredictable job.

For the cons, however, it’s important to remember that you’ll have a lot of the stress that comes with self-employment, expensive photography equipment just to get started, and overworking yourself.

Starting Your Business Off Right

The Freelancer's Guide to Photography has wonderful insights and useful advice to help you navigate your new career

More than anything else, your first job should be to start creating your strategic business plan.

Learn then how to take care of your financials with simplified invoicing software and how to determine what prices you should charge for your photography.

No modern business strategy would be complete without a discussion of how create the perfect website—we even list the best website builders for freelancers.

Taking care of your marketing needs

Lastly, but no less importantly, we’ll check out how to make sure you have the right social media strategy.

We overview the right and best platforms for your freelance photography, as well as the best social media management tools to help you get the most followers.

We’ve even included a great, printable freelance photography checklist to make sure you have all the right stuff to begin your new career.

So, why hesitate? Download The Freelancer’s Guide to Photography and get started on your freelance photography career today!

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