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WordPress Alternative: 5 Reasons to Choose BlogHandy For Effortless Blogging

Written by on February 07, 2022

WordPress remains the most popular blogging platform to use on the world wide web. However, it doesn’t mean that the platform is without flaws. There are still some features on WordPress that could be a deal-breaker, especially for beginners. 

In this post, we would like to introduce you to BlogHandy, a WordPress alternative with its all-in-one features that can improve your blogging experience in a few simple steps. 

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3 Reasons Why You May Need an Alternative Platform to WordPress

Whether you are looking into starting a blog or ecommerce website, it is best to figure out the most suitable platform for your business website. While 43% of the websites in the market use WordPress, it doesn’t mean that WordPress comes with no flaw. 

Before we start, let’s get into a few disadvantages of WordPress that you may want to consider before deciding the best platform for your website!

#1 A lot of customizations that can be overwhelming

Among many platforms for developing a website, WordPress is undoubtedly highly customizable. But nothing is ideal in the real world, and neither is WordPress. 

The ability to customize your website can be challenging if you’re a beginner who doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Optimizing your website properly can be overwhelming, especially if coding is necessary to solve your problem. In which case, it is possible to hire a professional website developer to ensure the functionality of your website. But then again, it might be costly if you try to develop a website on the budget. 

Frequent updates for themes and plugins may affect your WordPress website

#2 Frequent updates for themes and plugins that may affect your website

Adding features to your website on WordPress is relatively easy. However, unless you are a web developer who knows how to code, installing plugins is often required to ensure that the feature works. 

While the idea of installing plugins can be convenient for some, when you use too many plugins at a time, it may slow down your website. In addition, there may be the case of your website being inaccessible when you don’t update the plugin to its latest version. 

WordPress requires you to install, manage and update plugins to make sure that the function works on your website. It can be time-consuming to keep up with the updates. And even worse, if it affects the functionality of your website. 

#3 The vulnerability of your data security

Being an open-source platform, WordPress is prone to cyber-attacks. Choosing suitable themes and plugins is necessary, but it won’t guarantee you will protect your website from hackers or spammers. 

If you run a business website, you may want to double-check the protection of your data security as it may harm your reliability in the long run. 

BlogHandy As An Alternative to WordPress

BlogHandy is a smooth, simple platform that enables you to integrate a blogging feature into your website. 

No matter which platform you use for your website, BlogHandy can integrate seamlessly just by adding two lines of code that you can copy and paste easily. By doing so, it will automatically inherit your existing website design without having to install any extra plugin or edit your CSS. 

So, what are the advantages of BlogHandy as another option for your blog and website? 

BlogHandy as an alternative to WordPress

#1 BlogHandy can be integrated with any website builder

BlogHandy works well with any custom website. Whether you use a website builder like Wix or run your website on some ecommerce platforms, you can integrate it in less than a minute. 

No need to hire a professional web developer or designer, as soon as you sign up into the platform, you will find the code to add to the HTML page for your website. 

Copy and paste the codes following the instruction in your dashboard, and voila! You now have a streamlined blogging section for your website in just a few seconds!

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#2 BlogHandy doesn’t require you to install any extra apps or plugins

BlogHandy comes with built-in SEO tools from the core that can help your post rank higher in search engines. On top of that, the platform also offers built-in social sharing that comes in handy to get your post circulated through various social media platforms. 

BlogHandy offers a commenting system via Facebook and Disqus to maintain engagement for each post that you publish. The option to use both platforms for the comment section can prevent you from getting spammy comments from unknown readers or even bots that may have some potential harm to your website. 

#3 BlogHandy has a user-friendly and intuitive menu

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to start blogging, and that is the approach that BlogHandy seems to offer in their platform. 

With a simple layout and intuitive menu, almost everyone can get used to the platform in no time. It can be beneficial if you have a dedicated content team that will develop your website content before publishing. 

For context, the blog post section on BlogHandy has some resemblance with WordPress classic editor that would ease your content writer to get the platform’s functionality. In addition to that, BlogHandy also comes with built-in SEO tools that will simplify the workflow of your SEO team. 

The platform comes with all the necessary features for blogging. From drafting, scheduling, publishing, and even setting the categories section and customizing the URL post and meta description. BlogHandy is definitely an all-in-one platform for your blogging needs!

BlogHandy comes with built-in SEO and social sharing tools.

#4 BlogHandy comes with built-in social sharing tools that can benefit your content circulation

If you need a plugin to enable social sharing on WordPress, BlogHandy comes in handy with the necessary tools for that. 

No coding nor plugin is needed to activate this feature, as BlogHandy currently supports social sharing tools for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Nowadays, it is almost impossible not to include social media marketing in your marketing strategy. Having the right tool to circulate content on social media can do the magic for your blog post engagement, and BlogHandy comes with it!

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#5 BlogHandy is affordable

With all the features available on BlogHandy, you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t come with a high price tag. They offer a free plan for up to 3 categories and 5 blog posts, eligible with standard support for as long as you don’t exceed the number of categories and blog posts for the plan. 

Even if you need to upgrade, BlogHandy pricing seems fair to what they offer. You can opt for BlogHandy’s Micro plan for personal blogging that costs only $19 per month. If your business is ready to scale through your website content, you can also opt for their Growth and Business plan. 

The flexibility of the plan payment is also the advantage, as you can choose to pay annually with a reduced price compared to the monthly subscription. 

BlogHandy pricing

Final Verdict: Using BlogHandy as the Substitution of WordPress

BlogHandy can be a fresh air for the blogging industry. Their streamlined process to integrate with any custom website builders allows them to reach more users, making them a good alternative for website owners to optimize their website with a blog section. 

Nowadays, many website builders offer a more advanced yet simplified process than WordPress. However, many of them don’t come with the necessary blogging and SEO tools, and that’s how BlogHandy can add value to their website. 

On top of everything, it is not difficult to integrate BlogHandy as a blogging platform to your existing website. Anyone can do this, even if they just start their blogging journey. They only need to copy and paste the codes as per the instruction, and they can start blogging immediately.

Even if they’re not sure whether they’re ready to invest in the platform, BlogHandy allows them to use the free plan for as long as they can. Of course, there is a limit to its functionality, but it is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the platform before upgrading it to a paid plan. 

All in all, BlogHandy is a good alternative to WordPress if you want a more simplified blogging platform with the necessary SEO and social sharing tools. 

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