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US Google Sheet Invoice Template

US Google Sheet Invoice Template

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US Google Doc Invoice Template

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US PDF Invoice Template

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US Word Invoice Template

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US Open Office Invoice Template

The Most Popular Types of Invoices in the US

Invoice templates are important tools for your business. Whether you have a broad consulting business, or a specific business like in pest control or retail, a record of your sales must be kept for when tax season arrives. But invoices can have more uses than just a simple log of business done, too.

In the US, there are popular types of invoices that serve various purposes. There are six common types that you may come across as you do business.

The most common and basic type is the purchase or sales invoice. The buyer would call it a purchase invoice, while the seller calls it a sales invoice.

However, if you need to inform your customer how much is supposed to be paid once the goods or service is delivered or performed, you would issue a pro forma invoice to them. Once the transaction is final, you would give them a commercial invoice afterward.

A big project such as in construction would use an interim invoice if the work down or goods delivered is split over a longer period of time, such as different phases or shipments. These might be sent monthly to your client, with the last one called a final invoice.

Don't mix this with a recurring invoice, which is more for a subscription-based good or service. This would be issued on a regular cycle until the subscription is concluded.

A past due invoice is a good way to remind clients who have not yet paid of their obligation as well as inform them of any penalties they have incurred (and may continue to incur).

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What Info Should a Basic Invoice Template in the US Have

Getting paid promptly is always a priority when it comes to business. Make sure that your invoice template contains all the required information needed for your US-based business. This will speed up issuing invoices as well as limit delays when your client comes to pay you.

Whatever format you use for your USA invoice template, don't forget the following information:

  • your business name, address, and contact information
  • your client's name and business address
  • your project's address or client's shipping address
  • the invoice date
  • a unique invoice number
  • the payment terms
  • the date the invoice is due to be paid
  • clear descriptions of the services or goods provided, with quantities if applicable
  • the amount being charged per service or product, in USD
  • the total amount to be paid

For businesses based in Canada, South Africa, or other countries: if you are issuing an invoice to a US client, make sure to include a W9 form with your first invoice, as your client may need it to file tax returns.

What Formats do Invoice Templates in the US Come

Different states in the US may have differing formats when it comes to invoices issued. Make sure that your USA invoice template contains the required information above.

This is easier to manage if you have a standard format that is professional and on-brand, using your invoice template. You can choose to employ word processing software like Microsoft Word or the always-online Google Docs, or use a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or Numbers to create a standardized invoice template that you can reuse over and over.

Whatever software you use, make sure the invoices you send are in PDF format to ensure that your official documentation is tamper-proof.

Invoicing Software US

Making your own personal invoice template is a quick and easy way to start collecting payment from your clients when you're starting out. They're free and require only a little knowledge to do, so you can focus on getting started.

But if you're growing quickly, you might need to start looking into making your business processes a little more streamlined. An invoicing software can be a great tool when you need to focus on expanding, because it will save you and your staff significant time and effort.

Online invoicing software like InvoiceBerry can help you get paid faster. It will minimize the time you need to issue invoices and even send recurring invoices for you. Tracking invoice status becomes easier, and your clients can even pay you instantly on the invoice as well. Making it easy for your clients to pay you can help you manage your cash flow easier.

Other Templates for US Businesses

Once you've got your invoice template set up beautifully, you should look into extending that to your other business documentation as well, such as purchase orders and cash receipts. A unified company letterhead or business case studies in the same format and style can also project professionalism and credibility to your company.

Internal documents such as sales and budget reports can also profit from a standardized format, helping your staff focus on what's important rather than get bogged down with formatting and layout. A streamlined business is a business that's poised for success.

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