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Our free PDF invoicing templates help you create professional-looking invoices easily, quickly, and hassle-free.

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Color Stationary

Color Stationary

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Orange Mountain

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Invoice of the Corn

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The Hills Are Alive!

Why use a PDF template for invoices

PDF is one of the most popular formats when it comes to documents, especially ones that are meant to be shared via the internet. They can be opened by anyone, whether they're using a desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac, or even using their phones. Word invoice templates might be the easiest ones to understand, but a PDF invoice template is a great choice especially if you're sending many invoices and bills to your clients. PDF templates allow you to fill or edit specific parts of your document like any online form, while the rest of your document remains protected. You won't have to worry about accidentally destroying the formatting of your document.

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How to create a PDF invoice template

Creating a PDF invoice template – or for any use, like simple bills or orders – is simple, but you will need software to edit an PDF file, such as Adobe Acrobat. You should start with a ready document for your invoice. Make a sample invoice using your preferred word processor such as Word. This will serve as the basis of your PDF invoice template.

Once you have the sample invoice ready:

1. Open your sample invoice in Acrobat

Once Acrobat is open, click on the Tools menu and select Prepare Form to start your new template.
You can select the sample invoice you had previously prepared, or even choose a scan of an invoice to serve as the background of your invoice template.
Acrobat will start analyzing the document or image that you selected and suggest some form fields for you, based on the contents of this sample.

2. Check, add, and remove form fields

After seeing the suggested form fields given by Acrobat, you can choose to keep these fields, add your own, or even remove some if you feel you don't need these.
Remember that the fields you keep should be the ones that change on each invoice, just like a template. For example, don't turn the "INVOICE" word into a field, but the invoice number will have to be something that you or your team can change! So make sure that invoice number is a form field.
You can add fields to the form as well as adjust their layout and positioning using Acrobat's top toolbar and the tools in the right pane.

3. Save your fillable invoice template

When you save your fillable template, make sure that you can save the invoices you create. Just make sure that Extend Forms Fill-In & Save In Adobe Reader is enabled in your PDF's file settings and you're good to go.
Share it with the rest of your team and get started issuing those invoices to your clients!

Are there editable and fillable PDF invoice templates

By default, PDF files can't be edited when you open them. This makes PDF a great format to use when sending invoices, bills, and purchase orders to your clients. Nobody can alter the contents of the document, so there's security on both sides even if there are no hard copies.
But editable and fillable PDF templates allow you to create new PDF files with customized information for each client and project, but keep formatting and other information intact. They're the perfect tool for issuing invoices!

PDF versus other template formats

Whether you start off with another invoice format or not, PDF is an important step in your invoicing, if you are doing business online.

For you and your clients safety, official documentation like invoices, bills, and purchase orders shouldn't be edited easily like if you send them a Word document.

You should always send your clients a PDF file without editable fields.

Taking the time to create a PDF template from your other invoice template formats can speed up your invoicing and give you more time to focus on more strategic things for your business.

PDF invoice template alternatives

It might be a little daunting to make a PDF template, and perhaps there aren't any PDF templates you like that you can download easily.

Don't fret! There are other software you can use that might be more up your alley, like Word and Excel. If you're after an always available software, you should also give Google Docs or Google Sheets a try.

Better yet, a great online invoicing software can do all these and more. If you're short on time, a solution like InvoiceBerry will help you create and track invoices, making sure you get paid as early as possible. You can even easily schedule recurring invoices and reminders, so you have more time for your clients and your business.

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