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Canada Google Sheet Invoice Template

Canada Google Sheet Invoice Template

Canada Google Doc Invoice Template

Canada Google Doc Invoice Template

Canada PDF Invoice Template

Canada PDF Invoice Template

Canada Word Invoice Template

Canada Word Invoice Template

Canada Open Office Invoice Template

Canada Open Office Invoice Template

The Most Popular Types of Invoices in Canada

For any starting business, invoices are one of the first business documents you will come across. Issuing that first invoice may be a little nerve-wracking. But the good news is that whether you need invoice templates for a retail business or a freelancer invoice template, they can be pretty straightforward regardless of type.

In Canada, there are a few popular invoice types that you should be aware of. You will likely either have to issue them yourself as a business owner, or receive them from your own suppliers.

  1. Pro forma invoice - if your client needs to have an official, but not legal, document that states the prices of the goods or services they might avail from you for customs purposes or other needs, you can issue them a pro forma invoice.
  2. Sales invoice - a sales invoice is issued by the seller when payment is made by their client for goods or services fulfilled. It can also be called a purchase invoice.
  3. Past due invoice - if your client fails to pay for the goods or services you have provided, you can send them a past due invoice as a reminder, as well as update them on the penalties they may have incurred for the delay.
  4. Interim and final invoice - for larger projects such as in the construction industry, interim invoices can be issued during the duration of the project, with the last invoice called a final invoice.
  5. Tax invoice - these provide clear information for the seller and buyer the exact tax that is due as a result of the transaction. Tax invoices include provincial sales tax (PST) invoice, and the goods and services tax (GST) or harmonized sales tax (HST) invoice.

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What Info Should a Basic Invoice Template in Canada Have

Creating or adapting an invoice template for your business based in Canada is simple. You only have to make sure that the required information is available and can be easily calculated for your own ease of use.

For any invoice template, make sure that you have:

  • your business name
  • your business number or GST registration number
  • invoice date
  • your customer's name
  • brief descriptions of the goods delivered or services performed
  • total amount paid or payable
  • payment terms

Make sure you indicate whether your goods or service is exempt from GST or HST as well as PST. If not, you should include the total amount charged for either tax.

What Formats do Invoice Templates in Canada Come

Invoice template formats will vary according to your business' needs. You should consider your business needs as well as available software when it comes to choosing a format for your invoice template, but ultimately there is no right or wrong answer.

If your business issues tax invoices, an invoice template created using a spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Numbers will do you good since you will be able to perform quick calculations while you generate an invoice.

Otherwise, a simple invoice template using word processing software like Microsoft Word will do the trick and make designing it easier. Cross-platform options like Open Office and Google Docs are also available.

With a little extra work, you can even create a PDF fill-in invoice template that will help your staff make easy work of all the invoices you need to issue.

Invoicing Software Canada

If business is booming, however, you may find yourself hard-pressed to find time to focus on necessary admin-work like issuing invoices. In this case, an invoicing software will help you stay on top of your invoices but also focus on more important things, such as strategy and expanding your business.

An online invoicing software like InvoiceBerry will help you create and manage invoices you issue, from creation using the professional templates available to issuing them and payment. Recurring invoices will lift the burden of remembering to issue them to your loyal customers. Payment-ready invoices will also make it easy for your customers to pay you, so that they won&39;t leave it til the last second.

Other Templates for Canada Businesses

Don't stay stuck with only an invoice template for your growing business. If you create templates for other documents that your business needs, you will streamline the work and make sure that you focus on the important things when it comes to issuing purchase orders, cash receipts, and the like.

Whatever software you are using to generate your invoice templates, using the same software for your other templates will help you maintain a standard, cohesive look and make sure that your business looks professional and credible as always.

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