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Estimate how much fees you will be paying when invoicing your clients.

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The amounts are calculated based on the US PayPal fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

PayPal Invoice Fee Calculator

When you're running a small business, every penny counts.

To help, we've created a PayPal fees calculator so you know how much your PayPal transactions are costing you in fees. The calculator lets you enter the amount you want to invoice, and then calculates the fee for you instantly - so you can see exactly what percentage of your money is going to PayPal.

Not sure how this can help you? Let's start with the basics.

Why Choose PayPal to Get Paid

So you've just finished a project for someone, or you've come to an agreement on the goods you're selling. They've asked you to invoice them through PayPal. You're excited that your hard work is finally going to be paid off! But wait a minute, there's an extra fee?

PayPal is a great payment platform that allows you to be paid via credit card, debit card, or bank account. It also lets businesses accept payments in a number of different currencies, which is great if you have clients over the world.

While a PayPal account isn't required, it can be easier for your clients to pay you if you accept PayPal payments. After all, PayPal has more than 325 million active accounts worldwide, and your client might already have one! Since they're already familiar with PayPal, they are more likely to have no issues about safety than if you bill their credit card directly.

You can even easily integrate your PayPal account with many existing shopping cart systems, or accounting and invoicing solutions like InvoiceBerry.

It's also easy to set up and use, whether as a consumer or a business. While personal transfers are free, businesses accepting payments are subject to transaction fees.

Fees 101, and How a PayPal Fees Calculator Can Help

PayPal's transaction fees can be very confusing. While the standard fee can be pretty straightforward:

a fixed fee (i.e. US$ 0.30)
a percentage of the total transaction (usually 2.9%)

the actual amount charged against you can change depending on a number of things. These can be:

  • The country you reside in and/or the currency you receive the money in
  • Whether you and your client are located in the same country or not
  • The amount you're receiving
  • Payment options you've provided your client (i.e. pay later options, etc)

They can also change the fees at any time, and you might get caught off-guard when they do.

A payment fees calculator can help you with the following:

  • You'll know exactly how much you'll receive. Do away with estimates: with a calculator, you'll know how much to expect when you've billed your client. When every dollar counts, you'll appreciate the clarity.
  • Adjust pricing easily according to the fees your business is paying. Our calculator can also show you how much you should charge your client if you need to receive a certain amount. This is great if your client will be paying for the fees themselves.
  • You can save valuable time and reduce errors. Even if you're a math wizard, manual calculation can still result in wrong numbers, either from common mistakes or not having updated numbers.
  • Make your business plans and budgets against actual numbers. Knowing the exact income you'll receive for your transactions will help you make better plans for your business. Make every dollar count!

How to Use the PayPal Invoice Fee Calculator

The PayPal fees calculator can give you an idea of how much the PayPal fees will be on your business transactions. It's a really handy tool that can help with your budgeting and planning. So if you've been wondering about this kind of thing before, it might come in very useful for you!

It's very easy to use. Just enter the amount of money you plan to invoice your client in the calculator.

PayPal invoice fee calculator

Click the Calculate button, and the calculator will show you three numbers.

PayPal invoice fees

You'll see the total fees you will be paying if your client pays you that amount via PayPal.

You can easily see the amount of money you'll receive in the middle column.

If you want to see how much you should invoice your client so that you receive the amount of money you entered, the third value is the number you need.

Need to change the amount? Simply enter the new amount in the same field and click Calculate again.

What About International Transactions?

International or cross-border fees are not yet implemented in our fees calculator, but we'll be adding these features soon! In the meantime, if you need help with the PayPal fees for your case, here's the lowdown:

If your PayPal account is not in USD, the fixed fee may be different from you. You can check the updated fees at the PayPal website directly, but the most common fixed fees are:

Australia 0.30 AUD
Canada 0.30 CAD
Europe 0.35 EUR
United Kingdom 0.20 GBP

Additionally, if you and your client are from different countries, your transaction will be subject to an international or cross-border fee. This is an additional 1.5% on top of the current PayPal fees. This works out to a total of 4.4% of your transaction in addition to the fixed fee based on your currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find all answers here

Is the PayPal Invoice Fee Calculator free?

Yes! Our PayPal fees calculator is completely free for you to use, whether you 're a freelancer or small business owner. Access it anywhere and anytime: don't worry about a thing!

How does the PayPal Invoice Fee Calculator work?

The fee calculator simply takes the amount you entered and runs it through the current PayPal rates for domestic payments in US dollars. Rest easy and worry-free knowing that these are updated rates!

Why is the calculator showing $0?

This is normal if you haven't entered any amount into the calculator yet! To start, simply enter the amount you have invoiced, or would like to receive. Click on Calculate afterward in order to update the Calculator. If the calculator is still showing $0 amounts, try refreshing the page. That will usually do the trick!

Is it safe to use the PayPal Invoice Fee Calculator?

Yes! We do not store any data regarding the amounts you enter into the calculator, nor is it connected to your PayPal account. Use the calculator with confidence that your data is your own!

Do I need a Merchant or Business account?

You don't need a merchant or business account to use PayPal or our invoice fee calculator! You can use PayPal and our fee calculator whether you're a thriving business, a new freelancer, or someone with a personal account simply selling off your secondhand items. If you need to deal with PayPal's commercial transaction fees, we've got you covered.

Can I ask my client to send money as a friend or family to avoid the transaction fee?

While many people choose to send or receive payments as friends or family to avoid paying the PayPal processing fee, this is against the PayPal terms of service! This can also result in problems later in case of disputes, both for you and your client. Work with your client instead to come up with an acceptable agreement that takes PayPal fees into consideration for your projects and goods!

What if I'm just asking for donations or for charity? Do I still pay the transaction fee?

While charities can avail of a lower rate, they need to be pre-approved by PayPal first! For donations, they are charged the same as other commercial transactions, so yes, you will still pay the transaction fee. The calculator can still work for you!

What if my client or I am based elsewhere than the US?

International or cross-border fees are not yet implemented in our fees calculator, but we 'll be adding these features soon! In a nutshell, the fees are similar to the amount given by our calculator, but an additional 1.5% is deducted from the amount received. The fixed fee may also be different based on the currency of your PayPal account. The most common ones are: 0.30 AUD for Australia, 0.30 CAD for Canada, 0.20 GBP for the UK, and 0.35 EUR for the rest of Europe.

When will you support other countries in your PayPal Invoice Fee Calculator?

We will add this feature soon! For now, if you need to get the commercial fees for your PayPal payments, check out the official PayPal page.

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