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How to Send Invoices and Get Paid Faster as Freelancer

Written by on October 22, 2012

People decide to be freelancers for many different reasons. But probably the most popular is to work for yourself. Everything seems to be great except one little thing. Once you become a freelancer you have to start invoicing yourself. To make it easier for you we give you some tips and show that the invoicing process can be simple and fast.

Use Invoicing Software that fits your needs

Before you choose which invoicing software to use check what features, invoice designs and payment plans they offer. Also check if their software is easily understandable and easy to use. There are two types of invoicing software: online and offline based software. Invoiceberry is an online invoicing software that is accessible from any computer that has an internet connection. The great advantage is that the software can be used around the world and from any laptop or computer. Invoiceberry was created with freelancers in mind; therefore it offers exactly what freelancers are looking for.

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Include payment policies

Not all clients are likely to pay on time therefore you should include certain policies on the invoice. Depending on what you do you might ask for some or all of your money in advance. In Invoiceberry we provide you a box called “Terms and Condition” where you can fill in all extra information that you want to add to your invoice. Once you filled in this information it will be automatically saved and used for future invoices which you create and send out.

Choose the right invoice design

Choosing the right invoice design is very important because it reflects your company. Invoiceberry offers you to personalise your invoice by adding your company logo and by choosing from one of many different invoice templates. You just need to upload it once and it will stay there forever. Also, we offer a wide variety of invoices depending on what plan you are signed up for.

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