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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in a Home Office for Small Businesses

Written by on June 27, 2012

More and more people discover that having a home office is not a bad idea at all. As the internet makes communication simple and productive many entrepreneurs and small business owners set up their office at home.

The home office is perfect for people who like security, peace and quietness. As well, the flexibility of hours is another major point why people decide to have an home office. Having an home office means that there isn’t any dress code, no office politics and no fixed work schedule. You even can get a tax deduction if you use your home as your work office. You also don’t need to spend time for travelling which means you save money twice: not renting office space and not travelling anywhere.

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Obviously, there are also disadvantages of having an home office. To be able to work from home requires motivation so if you have difficulties attaining motivation any small circumstances might stop you from working e.g. good weather. Moreover, lack of motivation might lead to difficulties in keeping a routine. Probably, one of the major disadvantages of having an home office is that you are isolated from the business world and from your potential customers.

Having a home office requires personal drive, discipline and time-management skills. If you plan to have an home office you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of it. An home office gives you more freedom, more time to spend with your family and friends but at the same time it introduces problems such as lack of motivation and never leaving your office space.

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