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4 Pool and SPA Business Trends You Need To Know About

Written by on November 21, 2014

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Pool & SPA businesses are recovering from not so happy times and a very bright future is on the way. So let’s look into Pool & SPA business trends to know customer needs and wishes for 2015:

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1. Complete backyard environment

Most people don’t want to have just a swimming pool anymore. They want an overall view. The pool is no more just a place to swim. It’s rather a place people use for entertainment. Most people want a nice overall design with an ornamental garden. That should make you think about getting a garden architect on your team. Most people want a total backyard environment so if your business can’t deliver the service you might lose the position on the Pool and SPA business market.

2. Tech & Gadgets

We live in a technology era where every day some new gadget, gizmo or software is being found. People want them in their swimming pools and gardens. They want to switch on swimming pool lights from their smartphone or start their Jacuzzi while doing shopping. You should know about the newest technologies and how to implement them because it’s not any longer about the future. It’s what the customer wants today.

But it’s not only about new technologies for Pool & SPA business customers. Business owners should watch out for new software for their business too. Unfortunately, there are still large amount of businesses who use paper-invoicing. It’s not only unfriendly to the environment but it also requires loads of time. Writing invoices and quotes and managing and tracking business expenses online helps to save time, increases cash flow and it looks more professional too. I highly recommend you to try Invoiceberry for accomplishing all these tasks.

3. Going Green

In the last few years loads of people became environmentally conscious. Therefore they want the pools and spas to be installed and functioned in an environmentally friendly way. You should inform yourself about the latest trends regarding environmental-friendly pools and spas to make your clients happy.

4. Wise Customers

The internet and search engines like Google make clients more knowledgeable than ever. Consumers can find all information online including pricing options of pool & spa services. That makes your life more complicated, but it also offers you new opportunities. However, if your business provides the best service, is knowledgeable about the newest technologies and trends, then your potential customers are likely to choose you no matter that your prices are slightly higher than the competitors. People are happy to pay more for amazing service.

Market conditions and technologies have significantly changed the pool & spa industry. Businesses must be more knowledgeable and advanced in order to satisfy the new customer needs. Be aware of the current trends in order to keep your business among the market leaders.

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