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Top 5 Important Social Media Lessons for Small Businesses

Written by on September 17, 2012

Social media helps companies to improve the customer service. Social media is about engagement and having a conversation, not about promoting. The secret of social media for small business owners is simple – just be a human. Be a person who listens attentively, tells interesting and catching stories and shows interest in others.

Here are 5 specific social media lessons that will help you to be more successful at social media:

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1. Accept the ideas shared by your audience

There will be people who will say good as well as bad things about your brand. However, you can’t just delete their posts; you have to accept their opinion and try to make a genuine dialogue.

2. Be real

Don’t try to copy other brands and companies ideas. Your social activity should reflect reality. Do not be afraid of saying ‘hey’ instead of ‘good morning’ if it reflects the real nature of your company culture. As well, sharing real stories online will make your audience realise that you are not just a faceless monolith.

3. Be patient and flexible

Once you launched a social media campaign you will realise that things rarely turn out as planned. It takes quite a while to build up a large community, to start engaging with them etc. So just be patient and try to adapt to changes as quick as possible.

4. Ask questions, share pictures and videos

People love photos and videos because they tell stories. And if there is a story there is an opportunity for conversation. If no one responds to your posts maybe it is time to start asking questions. If you write a post on Facebook “Such nice weather outside” nobody will comment. However, if you post something like “Such nice weather outside, what are your plans today?” people will start commenting.

5. Spend at least 30 minutes a day on social media

Every day new information related with social media comes online. So there is a lot to learn every day. Spend time reading, learning and listening to your customers. The more time you will give to your social media campaign the better results your business will receive.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions how small business owners could improve their social media campaign.

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