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15 Valuable Small Business Podcasts

Written by on December 11, 2017

Some of us live in a very fast paced world. There might not always be enough time to sit down and browse through blogs, read books on the subjects we find fascinating. Many books have been adapted to audio format, making it easier for us to appreciate a good story while not being able to sit down with a book in hand.

Soaking in businesses related information can pose some similar difficulties as reading books and magazines. Again, all of valuable topics can be distributed in an audio format allowing you to take in the information while on the move.

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Podcasts may provide you with a convenient solution for you to consume valuable content. When time is just not on your side or picking up print sources may just not be an option.

We have compiled a nice list of some great podcasts you will find useful. These people have an abundance of knowledge to share with you that will help you  progress your business in the right direction.

One on One

One on One business podcast.


Host: Brent Leary

Podcast length: 5-30 minutes

One on One aims the focus of the podcast more on management and marketing side of business development. Brent Leary interviews a wide array of business people. Owners of large companies, entrepreneurs and small business folks all make an appearance on this podcast.

No matter what type of enterprise you are running, you are bound to learn some actionable advice here.

This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing small business podcast.

Hosts: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Podcast length: 60 minutes

All businesses no matter the size need to rely on marketing efforts to promote themselves. Small businesses especially need to get their name out there for everyone to see. The main objective This Old Marketing is establishing essential marketing principles for your enterprise.

You will encounter strategies to develop an effective marketing campaigns for yourself, examples from the past and present and current trends you can take advantage of.

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing podcast for small business.

Host: John Jantsch

Podcast length: 30 minutes

Establishing a presence in the market for your business if not done carefully can turn into an expensive endeavor. Duct Tape Marketing will give you advice on establishing marketing strategy for your business that will be cost effective and most importantly get you noticed.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy valuable business podcast.

Host: Amy Porterfield

Podcast length: 30-40min

Online Marketing Made Easy podcast centered around marketing your business. This podcast focuses more on establishing an ideal presence on internet marketing channels such as social media.

With so many users around the world utilizing social media in their everyday lives, this might be a great podcast for you to really sink your teeth into. Listen to Amy Porterfield on how you can take advantage of these simple platforms to make yourself known.

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TWIST Podcasts

TWIST podcasts can be a great resource for your small business.

Host: Jason Calacanis

Podcast length: 40-60 minutes

TWIST (This Week in Startups) is a podcast more focused on online based businesses. On this podcast, Jason Calacanis brings on experts in online and tech businesses. If your business is centered in those areas, you will have plenty of valuable information to take away.

Jason and his guests will discuss new trends, tech business tips and strategies as well as how to improve your online presence.

As Told By Nomads

As Told by Nomads podcast for business owners.

Host: Tayo Rockson

Podcast length: 30 minutes

In a globalized world we find ourselves in today, we continuously need to adapt to cross-cultural communication to grow a successful business. As Told By Nomads podcast is unique in a way that it helps you soak in the experience of multicultural entrepreneurs that have built and conducted businesses all over the globe.

You will be exposed to new ideas and business practices that can greatly aid your business development. You’ll also learn how to evaluate global trends and absorb knowledge of business owners that work outside their comfort zone daily.

Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire podcasts offer valuable information to any business owner.

Host: John Lee Dumas

Podcast length: 30min

John brings on many successful business owners from variety of fields. No matter the type of business you’re running, you will be able to take away a lot of useful tidbits of information that have a chance of helping your business. Entrepreneur On Fire is a podcast worth checking out.

With such a wide range of topics and types of entrepreneurs talking about their insights, the wealth of information is truly immense.

The Business of Story

The Business Story podcast is great for anyone on the move.

Host: Park Howell

Podcast length: 40-60 minutes.

A great business will always have a good coming-to-fruition story to share. Well established story helps build a valuable connection between your business and the consumer.

The Business of Story podcast is dedicated to connecting expert business storytellers with you. The podcast will introduce you with helpful advice of how to develop effective content and write a compelling story that will boost your marketing efforts.

Excellence Expected

Excellence expected podcast for small business owners.

Host: Mark Asquith

Podcast length: 30-60min

The host Mark Asquith brings on small business owners from a variety of markets. This allows the listener to get a broad picture of small business environment. Excellence Expected can be a valuable source of information for any business owner.

Both issues and solutions pertaining to small business are discussed on every single podcast. Some might sound very familiar for you and your business; these experts have been where you are right now. Give it a listen and see what you can take away from it all.

Smart Companies Radio

Smart Companies Radio podcast for people on the move.

Host: Kelly Scanlon

Podcast length: 30min

Kelly Scanlon, the host of Smart Companies Radio brings on great entrepreneurs that have years of business development knowledge.

Each podcast has a knowledgeable business owner that will share their insights in how they managed to build and grow their business. What steps help pave a path to success.

$100 MBA

$100 MBA another business podcast for you.

Host: Omar Zenhom

Podcast length: 10min

$100 MBA podcast is short and to the point. If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate, this might be the go to podcast for you. This podcast cuts out the fluff and goes straight to tips on how to best improve your business.

Quick topic introduction, insightful host and valuable expert tips are the trifecta of a quick and effective podcast for you to feast your ears on.

Breaking Down Your Business

Breaking down business podcast for a variety of business owners.

Hosts: Brad Farris, Jill Salzman

Podcast length: 20 minutes

Breaking Down Your Business podcast takes a more comedic approach to discuss business development and issues associated with it.

If you are looking to spice up your day while also gathering valuable business tips this might just be for you. Each podcast comes with great tips you can incorporate into you very own business.

Dorm Room Tycoon

Dorm Room Tycoon is an excellent podcast.

Host: William Channer

Podcast length: 30-60 minutes

Fundraising, content development, networking and other topics all focusing on enhancing your small business are covered on Dorm Room Tycoon. Many of the guests focus on the issues that they have encountered themselves along their business development, but those issues are never exclusive to just one person.

How were they able to overcome and persevere through those hard times? What actions did they take to get them where they are today? All this information will be covered, and I am sure you will find great value in what they have to say.


BCast business related podcast.

Hosts: Jonathan Michae, Peter Thorsson

Podcast length: 30 minutes

What is happening in the business world today? All the up-and-coming trends for small business will be discussed on BCast podcast by industries leading experts.

Any small business owner can find relevant information that will benefit them today and tomorrow.


Mixergy podcast can offer valuable tips for your small business.

Host: Andrew Warner

Podcast length: 60 minutes

Mixergy podcast will help enhance your appeal to the masses. Emphasis is put on product development, endorsement advertisement and overall customer satisfaction.

There is a lot for you to take away if you ever run into issues of your product improvement or marketing efforts.

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