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How can I create my first invoice?

It's very simple and we created some good tutorials which you can find here.
You can also watch a video tutorial explaining you the steps to create and send your first invoice here and here.

How do I remove the Invoiceberry branding from the invoice?

You have to upgrade to a Solo or a Pro Invoiceberry account. Upgrading has a lot of advantages, including:

  • No more Invoiceberry branding on invoices and quotes
  • Choose between 15 high-quality invoice templates
  • Manage more clients
  • Add more users to your Invoiceberry account
  • Premium customer support

  • You can read here how to upgrade your account.

    How secure is Invoiceberry?

    We use 256-bit SSL encryption just like online shops, online banks or any other website which deals with sensitive data. We also take constant backups of your data that no data gets lost in case of a server outage.

    Will my data stay when I upgrade/downgrade my account?

    Yes. No matter if you decide to upgrade or downgrade your Invoiceberry account, the data stays safely on your account.

    What customer support does Invoiceberry offer?

    We love to help our customers and we always try to solve your problems and answer to your questions as fast as possible.

    You can get in touch with the Invoiceberry team by filling out our contact form on the bottom of the Help-Center main page. You can also check our Help-Center for tutorials, videos and frequently asked questions.

    What kind of invoice templates do you offer?

    Invoiceberry offers a wide range of invoice templates. You can use simple standard invoice templates in various colours or you can use a specific invoice that suits your business (i.e. plumber/wrench invoice, handyman invoice, flower invoice). If you are a freelancer such as a photographer you can use our photography/film invoice template.

    Do I need to provide my credit card details when signing up for Invoiceberry?

    No! No matter for which plan you sign up you don't need to give your credit card details. At invoiceberry you always get 30 days FREE trial. Once the free trial is finished and you decided that you want to use our Solo or Pro accounts then you have to give your credit card details. We think that's fair business the BERRY way.

    Is the FOREVER FREE plan really completely free?

    Yes! It is really for free. There are no hidden charges and no credit cards details are required. The Forever Free plan is limited to a maximum of 3 clients but you can send unlimited invoices.
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