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New Invoice Template for Businesses

Written by on August 23, 2012

We just refreshed our invoice templates and designs and added a new invoice template for businesses in the process. Please welcome our newest invoice design: Business Square.

Check out our new invoice template Business Square to really show off your professionalism
Check out our new invoice template Business Square to really show off your professionalism

Our new invoice template is great for showing off your professional yet individual side, helping you to stay in your customer’s mind. This is just one of our many great invoice templates for businesses.

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We also improved the settings page as well as the invoice templates by adding two options to the SETTINGS -> Templates page.

Businesses can now change the invoice and quote titles of their invoices. They can now call their invoices differently according to their needs. Invoices can now be titled as anything, e.g. Invoices, Tax Invoices, VAT Invoices.

At InvoiceBerry, we are constantly working to make your experiences easier and simpler. We hope you enjoy our new features as we roll them out!

To get some even greater tips on how to get paid faster, check out our blog post Top Invoicing Tips for Small Businesses and Freelancers!

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