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9 Amazing Business Books for Freelancers

Written by on December 12, 2016

As the gig economy grows, more and more people are escaping their 9-to-5 jobs to become self-employed.

While freelancing offers many perks, it’s also important for new freelancers to get a grip on their new status and find the best way forward, which means they’ll need to find the best resources, including these amazing business books for freelancers.

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Some of these books are made specifically for freelancers, while others will help you change your thinking, give you motivation and inspiration, and help you with the new freelancing landscape.

So let’s check out the best business books for freelancers.

The Freelance Business Funnel from Rockable Press

The Freelance Business Funnel is an excellent freelance business book
Image source

This is a complete blueprint for freelancers on how to write popular blogs, sell services, optimize business, determine the best rates, and, most importantly scale up to increase revenues.

The book was written by a freelancer who, while studying full-time, earned more than $8,000 a month. The book is full of useful, actionable advice, minus the fluff.

Craft, Inc. Revised Edition by Meg Mateo Ilasco

Craft, Inc. is a popular book for freelancers who work with their hands
Image source

One of the most successful books on crafts for freelancers, Craft, Inc. has inspired scores of freelancers to turn their work into money.

This authoritative, tried and true guide helps you through all the stages of your crafting business. It goes from creating your products, formulating a strategic business plan, and tips on how to pay your taxes. A must-have for craft-related freelancers.

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Creative, Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho & Meg Mateo Ilasco

Creative, Inc. is a fantastic book for creative freelancers
Image source

Not wanting to leave other freelancers out, Cho and Ilasco have written one of the best business books for freelancers working in creative fields.

This book is particularly for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, and many others, covering the entire span of their new business.

The Gig Economy by Diane Mulcahy

The Gig Economy evaluates the new freelance economy
Image source

Let’s step back a little and look at the freelance, gig economy in general. What are the trends, and how can you make the best of the new shift?

This book comes with extensive research (not just opinion), anecdotes and tips on how to build your financial flexibility and still have more time for yourself.

Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray

Liminal Thinking helps freelancers to reconsider the way they approach the world
Image source

How will you succeed at your new freelancing work? If you’re still stuck in your old mindset, you may not be able to fully take charge of your new freedoms and responsibilities.

Liminal Thinking works on changing the way you think by reframing your beliefs. This is one of the best psychology business books for freelancers.

The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

This book is focused on increasing your business efficiency
Image source

The new gig economy is changing the way the world works, but yet many freelancers are still working themselves to death. This doesn’t have to be the only way for freelancers to make money.

With 4-Hour Work Week, Ferriss shows how he went from earning $40,000/year and working 80 hours/week to earning $40,000/month and working only 4 hours/week. Great motivation and useful tips on how you can apply the same principles.

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Non-Obvious 2017 Edition by Rohit Bhargava

This book helps explore upcoming trends and niches for 2017
Image source

In order to earn a great living as a freelancer, you’ll need to think and be different from others.

Non-Obvious is the book that will help you predict trends before they happen, so you can get ahead of the pack and find (or create) your own niche market. This edition is made specifically for 2017, so you’ll be ready to tackle the new emerging industries and adapt your work to them.

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers explores how and why successful people become successful
Image source

How about a bit of inspiration? If you’re the type of freelancer who doesn’t want to just survive in the market, but instead earn a lot and become influential, you’ll need to study the best.

Outliers examines the greats by asking: what makes the highly successful so successful? Finding out the answer to these questions will help you on your road to freelancer success.

Social Media: Strategies To Mastering Your Brand by David Kelly

One of the best business books for freelancers, this book discusses the important social media strategies that freelancers need
Image source

No list of the best business books for freelancers would be complete without looking at the new marketing landscape and its overlord: social media. Social media marketing allows you free access to millions of people (freelancing is borderless, after all).

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn strategic steps on how to get more followers and convert them into buyers.

The best business books for freelancers

These are 9 of the best business books for freelancers, to help them map their strategy, get on the road, and find creative and efficient ways to success.

If you’ve read any of these business books for freelancers, or you have others you can recommend, let us know in the comments below!

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