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Our free purchase order templates help your business to send out purchase orders to your clients


Purchase Order 1

Purchase Order 1

  • File format: .xlsx

  • The template comes in a green theme and can be adjusted to fit your company colors. There is a dedicated space for your company logo.

Purchase Order 2

Purchase Order 2

  • File format: .xlsx

  • The theme blue color scheme of this template can be adjusted to fit your company colors. The Excel file features all important parts to send ourchase order forms to your customers.

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What is a purchase order and who is it useful for?

A purchase order is a commercial document that the buyer initiates and sends off to the seller. The purchase order is in essence a summary of the products or services (and agreed-upon price) that the buyer will be buying from the seller.

When the seller accepts the purchase order, it becomes a legally binding contract for both sides. For this reason, the buyer should be quite clear in stating exactly what the requests are so that the seller will have no room for confusion.

People often confuse purchase orders and invoices. However, they are quite different.

Invoices are sent by the seller to the buyer after the goods have been delivered or services rendered. A purchase order, on the other hand, is sent by the buyer to the seller before any goods or services are delivered.

Purchase orders are usually submitted in duplicate. One copy goes to the seller, while another copy goes to the buyer's accounts payable department so that they can match it later when the invoice arrives.

When completing your purchase order, you should make sure to include the following details:

The purchase order is very useful for any buyer who intends on purchasing goods or services from a supplier.

While some small business owners may look at purchase orders as unnecessary burdens, they are crucial.

This is because purchasing demands change over the course of the relationship between the buyer and seller. There are increases or decreases in demand, availability and more, and mistakes in communication can be made.

If there are mistakes in the communication (without a purchase order), then the buyer has no document to show what he'd really meant.

Therefore, buyers use a purchase order to have a document to compare the invoice to the original request.

The purchase order in this sense helps to set the record clear and make expectations explicit in order to avoid confusion and expensive mistakes.

For this reason, any business that purchases goods or services from a seller should be using purchase orders regularly.


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