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Running a small business can be complicated. On top of building a marketing strategy and designing the perfect service or product, you've got to handle your accounting processes, even though accounting may not be your forte.

That's why we've created this mini accounting course to help you stay on top of your financial requirements and thrive as a business owner!

By signing up for this course, you receive loads of useful terminology and tips to simplify your accounting process.

During the course of the next 10 days you'll learn:

  • Accounting lingo like assets, liability and equity – Never again be confused when talking to your accountant!
  • The most common types of invoices – And when to use which invoice!
  • Accounts receivable vs. accounts payable – Understand why they're so important!
  • Business Budgeting – Learn how budgeting can dramatically increase your cash flow!

And so much more!

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