InvoiceBerry SupportBee

Use this integration between SupportBee and InvoiceBerry to manage your clients' emails and streamline your workflow.

What is SupportBee?

SupportBee is the easiest way to manage your customer support emails. It is a web-based email support tool that helps (small) businesses organize their customer support emails efficiently. Multiple teams can collaborate and manage their cases collectively. SupportBee has the ability to collect and correlate all support emails in one system. You can collect emails from multiple addresses and contact forms.

How does SupportBee work with InvoiceBerry?

Use this integration not only to manage your clients' emails and invoices but also to streamline your workflow. For instance, every time when there's a new ticket in SupportBee, the Zapier integration will automatically create a new client or add a new expense to your InvoiceBerry account. Currently, there are 14 possible integrations between SupportBee and InvoiceBerry.

What can you do with SupportBee and InvoiceBerry?

  • Create new ticket in SupportBee from newly created InvoiceBerry client
  • Create new ticket in SupportBee when there's a new invoice in InvoiceBerry
  • Create new client in InvoiceBerry in response to newly added comment in SupportBee
  • Create new client in InvoiceBerry when there is a New Ticket in SupportBee.

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