InvoiceBerry Lumeer

Keep your invoicing and project management organized and up to date thanks to Lumeer-InvoiceBerry integrations.

What is Lumeer?

Lumeer plans, organizes, and tracks all your projects in an easy, visual and flexible tool. Lumeer gives you a super easy visual project management so that all the team members are on the same page and the communication is streamlined like never before. Different tasks and people need different things at different times. Create the perfect workflow, manage and track your progress, build synergies in connected teams. There is always the flexibility to fit how your teams work today and to grow with your needs.

How does Lumeer work with InvoiceBerry?

Keep your invoicing and project management organized and up to date thanks to Lumeer-InvoiceBerry integrations. Automatically create expenses in InvoiceBerry when a new task is reported in Lumeer or have your newly created clients in Lumeer saved in InvoiceBerry. Check here other possible integrations between Lumeer and InvoiceBerry.

What can you do with Lumeer and InvoiceBerry?

  • Post new record in Lumeer when a new invoice is created in InvoiceBerry
  • Add expense in InvoiceBerry from newly created task in Lumeer
  • Create InvoiceBerry client in response to newly created client record in Lumeer
  • Create a task in Lumeer from newly created item in InvoiceBerry
  • Post a task comment in Lumeer from newly created client in InvoiceBerry

Need a professional invoice, fast?

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  • Send professional invoices and quotes
  • Accept online payments in minutes
  • Keep track of paid & unpaid invoices

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