InvoiceBerry DeskMoz

Keep your invoicing and sales in good shape by connecting DeskMoz and InvoiceBerry with 6 possible Zapier integrations.

What is DeskMoz?

DeskMoz is an innovative 24x7 Live Chat Agents Support & Sales Leads Generation service. Businesses across the globe spend a fortune on bringing visitors to their website but because of the absence of real-time support, only a fraction of this traffic ends up meeting the end goal - sale.

DeskMoz custom trains & deploys its professional human live chat agents on these websites. DeskMoz's in-house chat agents, backed with the customer support resources deliver exemplary customer support over live chat 24x7. This, in turn, results in more onsite conversions, growth in customer satisfaction & more sales leads for the business.

How does DeskMoz work with InvoiceBerry?

Keep your invoicing and sales in good shape by connecting DeskMoz and InvoiceBerry. Set up this Zap to automate your tasks. Now, whenever there's a new chat or support ticket in DeskMoz, a new InvoiceBerry client will be created. Currently, there are 6 possible Zapier integrations between DeskMoz and InvoiceBerry.

What can you do with DeskMoz and InvoiceBerry?

  • Create a new InvoiceBerry client in response to newly created chat in DeskMoz
  • A new InvoiceBerry client is created when a new support ticket is created

Need a professional invoice, fast?

Try InvoiceBerry for free, and create as many invoices as you need in just a few clicks.

  • Send professional invoices and quotes
  • Accept online payments in minutes
  • Keep track of paid & unpaid invoices

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