InvoiceBerry Gender-API

What is helps you determine whether a first name is more likely to be used by males or females. Optimize your websites and apps with an easy-to-implement API.

How does Gender-API work with InvoiceBerry?

If you want to enrich, your client records in InvoiceBerry with gender information, integrating with through Zapier can help you achieve just that. With this integration, you can automatically fetch the gender information for a new client by simply providing their first name as input, thereby streamlining your invoicing and client management processes.

What can you do with Gender-API and InvoiceBerry?

With the Zapier integration, the new client record can be automatically enriched with gender information by simply providing the client's first name as input. This can help improve the client's information accuracy, enabling you to personalize your communication and marketing efforts based on gender information. With easy integration and accurate results, can help streamline your invoicing and client management processes.

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