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All you need to know about InvoiceBerry

We created InvoiceBerry to be as simple and easily understandable as possible. However, if you have any remaining questions please have a look at our FAQ and feel free to contact us. We'll get back to you as quick as possible.

What is InvoiceBerry?

InvoiceBerry is an online service which allows you to create, send and manage your invoices online without downloading any software. After signing up you automatically receive a company-specific login page where you can create a new invoice within a few seconds. InvoiceBerry allows you to download, email or post your invoices directly from your account. You don't even have to print and post your invoices anymore.

Who should use InvoiceBerry?

Virtually anyone who has to create invoices can use InvoiceBerry. Freelancers, architects, journalists, web designers, small and medium-sized business owners, creatives, musicians, producers.

How can I send my invoices to my customers?

You have several options when using Invoiceberry. You can download your invoices onto your computer and then e-mail, print or post them in whatever form you want. You can e-mail them from your Invoiceberry account directly. Or you can post them via Royal Mail from your Invoiceberry account. Please note that we do not charge you for e-mailing your invoices from your Invoiceberry account, however, we do charge you a postal fee for posting them via Royal Mail. Prices and more information can be found in your Invoiceberry account in the Settings section.

I have a business question, can you help me?

We are not a consultancy firm but we believe that small businesses should help each other. That's why we created our know how section.
Feel free to contact us using the contact form if you have any question which is not answered there.

Do you have any testimonials of current customers using InvoiceBerry?

Of course we have testimonials. Feel free to check them and ask us any questions you might have. Businesses who use Invoiceberry include webdesigners, webdevelopers, marketing consultants, musicians and dancing schools.

How much does InvoiceBerry cost?

It depends entirely on the size of your business. We know that starting a business is difficult and therefore we offer a 100% free plan for every business which manages up to 3 clients with us. If you manage more clients we charge a small monthly fee. Please see our pricing page for more information on our pricing and current fees.

Why should I pick InvoiceBerry over another invoicing software?

Invoiceberry has been created with freelancers and small and medium sized businesses in mind. Invoiceberry is not only affordable but also dead-simple. Lots of the large invoicing software companies charge their customers thousands of pounds and the software often requires the users to visit seminars and read books to use them effectively. Invoiceberry is different. We believe that you want to do your job and don't want to be stuck with boring administration work. That's why Invoiceberry helps you to get on with your important work as quickly as possible.

Is InvoiceBerry secure
and my data safe?

Our highest priority is to offer you a secure and trustworthy service as we know that invoices and financial information have to be handled with care. Therefore all company accounts and logins are protected with a 256-bit AES SSL encryption. We also create numerous back-ups throughout the day so that no data is lost in the event of a system crash.

Will InvoiceBerry work with my computer?

We worked very hard to make Invoiceberry work with all major operation systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Ubuntu.

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