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Question: Where can I get good advice for a small business?

There are plenty of sources to get advice online, however it is important to not trust every website and blog which you can find. Google, or any other search engine such as Bing or Yahoo, is often a good starting point. Wikipedia articles also help to get a first impression of a topic. However, as anyone can add and edit information on platforms such as Wikipedia it is important to check the references and check the correctness of information.

Websites which have a lot of useful information and are run by the government:

It is also important to be able to write letters and create graphs, tables and charts.
For these purposes you can either buy MS Office or download a free version of Open-office which is similar to the MS Office products.

If you prefer to store all your documents online you can use Google Docs which runs entirely online.

To manage your invoices and create as well as send invoices you can use Invoiceberry which offers different account plans modified to the size of your business. Invoiceberry also offers a totally free account plan for businesses which have less than four clients to manage.

Links for software include:

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