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Question: How to create a business plan?

Once you decide to put a new idea into a new business you have to create a business proposal or business plan to put all your ideas and research down onto paper.
This will help you to get a better idea about what you want to do, what you need to work on, how long each step will take and how the financial look.

A traditional business plan includes an executive summary, a product/service description, an operational plan, a marketing plan, a targeting and positioning strategy, a milestone plan/time-frame and a financial forecast.

A lot of old-fashioned business books recommend to write about all these information in depth and thereby create a plan which often has 50 to 100 pages and more.

Nevertheless, new business books recommend to keep business plans small and simple with a broad time-frame and action plan but not too many details. It is more important to act then to plan in the opinion of many new business owners. This especially is true in technology-driven industries where time and fast reactions are crucial.

Once a business plan is written and put into action it is important to generate a positive cash-flow as a business can only survive if it makes enough money to pay staff, rent and other expenses.

To generate a positive cash-flow businesses need to send invoices to their clients and make money. Invoiceberry helps businesses and start-ups to create, send and manage their invoices in a simple and easy way.

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