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What is an Invoice Template?

An invoice template is a billing layout that organizes pertinent invoicing information in a desirable fashion. The template your business uses should contain all the necessary information regarding the services rendered, the terms of payment, and contact information of the two parties involved in the transaction.

Once the invoice template is chosen, it is highly suggested that you stick with the same template for all future invoices.

Key pieces of information an invoice should contain

Regardless of the chosen invoice template, there are key pieces of information that every invoice needs to contain. Making sure this information is included within the invoice will create a more streamlined payment process for you and your client.

The essentials of an invoice are -

  • Title. The invoice needs to be marked as an invoice before you send it out to the recipient.
  • Dates. The invoice issue date and the 'pay by' date must be included.
  • Invoice number. Unique number corresponding to the specific client.
  • Your company info. Your company's name, address, and contact information needs to be on the invoice.
  • Customer's information. Name/company, and contact information.
  • List of products. List of products/services that the customer purchased, with corresponding prices.
  • Sum of all the goods purchased. Total amount due.
  • VAT number.
  • Terms of payment. Any additional information regarding terms of payment that your customer should be aware of.

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