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We send your invoices for you via Royal Mail

Written by on May 25, 2011
No more printer needed

To make our customer’s lives even easier we offer a feature that allows you to send your invoices directly from your Invoiceberry account via Royal Mail. No other software or provider needed, no more printers needed, no more envelopes, stamps or walking to the post box. We do it all for you. We use a UK-based company which specialises in printing and posting for this service and have integrated them into Invoiceberry.

This means that after you click the “Post invoice” button in Invoiceberry we will send your invoice directly to them, they print it within 30 minutes and post it the same day.

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Having offered this service for the past few months we have had some valuable feedback from customers, which essentially said that it improved their cashflow for the following reasons:

  • no more ink, paper or printers needed
  • no more delay in sending invoices because the ink cartridge is empty
  • no more delay  because of missing paper
  • no more delays because of forgetting to go to the post box
  • faster invoicing is directly linked to faster payments and better cash flow

To help our customers use the Invoiceberry postal service even more, we have now reduced the cost of sending an invoice by Royal Mail to £1.00 per invoice.

Happy invoice posting everyone!

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