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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 25/11/16

Written by on November 25, 2016

The holiday season has officially started with Thanksgiving yesterday, followed by Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. This means that November is coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner.

Let’s see what happening in the business world with our entrepreneur, small business and freelancing roundup.

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Small Business

1. The UK’s autumn statement left a lot of small businesses disappointed and dissatisfied with the post-Brexit support. Check the details here.

2. In the same statement, new VAT payments were proposed, and here is all the info on what can change.

3. But the good news for UK businesses is that 77% of people plan to spend the same amount of money as last year, or even more during this holiday season.

4. With a lot of pre-election haze and promises in the US, small businesses are now wondering if ‘Trumpcare’ will ever become real, and what will happen then.

5. Despite all the criticism, this Saturday is very important for US small businesses, and here are the three main arguments for that.

6. And what are you doing for your business on Small Business Saturday? Here are some last-minute ideas for it.

7. It is known that online listings and directories help boost your visibility. Here’s the list of the 36 best ones in Australia.

8. Recent events have shows that small businesses are more likely to not recover and reopen afterwards. One of the reasons is poor risk management. Here are all the reasons.

9. The most complicated task for small businesses is to start growing and keep growing all the time. Read some advice on that here.

10. When managing a business on your own, it’s very important to know all those finance terms and to be able to use them. Here’s our post on the difference between a purchase order and invoice.

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

1. 20-30% of Europeans and Americans are now self-employed. But how can you ensure stability and success as a freelancer?

2. Launching your brand new business would be much easier when surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs. Take a look at the top coworking spaces in Birmingham here.

3. The United States is one of the best places in the world for startups, and here are five secrets to do it successfully.

4. Technology and entrepreneurship are booming in Canada according to the last LinkedIn report, and is both losing and gaining talents. More stats are here.

5. Getting clients is the top priority for startups, but sometimes you need to get rid of these five types of customers to become successful.

6. Glasgow is the UK’s smart city, so no wonder its startup scene is rapidly growing. Check out its best coworking locations in our post.

7. The world’s not in the stone age anymore, but if you still are, you have to start using these 5 tools that will help make your life better and your business profitable.

8. With the gig economy every specialist can become a freelancer, even a telecom field engineer.

9. A lot of first-time entrepreneurs fail because they haven’t taken entrepreneurship seriously enough. Here are five myths about what it’s not.

10. Generation Y is all grown up now, and has the rules of their own. Here’s how millennials have changed entrepreneurship.

Hope you liked this week’s roundup and now feel free to unwrap all those Black Friday deals that you got.

Did we miss any other important news this week in our small business and freelancing roundup? We’d be happy to add it to the list!

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