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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 24/06/16

Written by on June 24, 2016

Another week has passed. We’ve witnessed the summer solstice, strawberry moon, Euro 2016 group matches, and more election debates in the US.

By all means, the most anticipated for the UK was a referendum vote on June 23: IN our OUT? We can’t wait to hear the final results.

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Meanwhile, InvoiceBerry, according to tradition, has picked the best posts from the past 7 days.

Small Business

1. In case you still have no clue what all this UK referendum fuss is about, check the Procrastinator’s Guide to Understanding Brexit.

2. But what’s going on in the world besides Brexit? Australian small businesses don’t feel their economy will rise anytime soon.

3. US banks originated almost $2 billion in small business loans last year. And now they are closely focusing on online lending.

4. At the same time, US loan lenders are likely to lower the bar for borrowers.

5. If you’re just starting a small business, run through these 7 steps on this checklist. Just make sure you don’t forget to do something important.

6. Looking for a inspiration on how to develop your small business? You can try growing it with these 7 strategies.

7. From a metaphorical growth to an actual one. Here’s our latest guide on how to start your gardening business.

8. Is a small business too small for outsourcing? Definitely not.

9. Tracking KPIs is important. But how do you keep an eye on all of them? Check this list of the software that helps you with tasks, employees, and business overall.

10. How does your working environment influence your business? Does it encourage productivity or decrease it? Bernard knows how to organize your office for maximum effect.


1. 56% of SMB workers are ready to switch to the freelance mode, and they’ve already spent 21% of their time out of the office. Check more numbers here.

2. Is it possible as a freelancer to demand 40-hour a week benefits like from full-time employment? These guys are suing Netflix and we’ll soon find out.

3. What about taxes for freelancers? You should know these 5 things if you’re a beginner.

4. Where can you work besides home and why is it necessary to leave your apartment once in a while? Take a look at the top reasons here.

5. Is your freelance hobby to become an Instagram influencer? Look at these 10 strategies to grow the number of your subscribers.

6. Are you a freelance writer? How often do you check and update your website? You might want to reconsider after this post.

7. A tax solution app for freelancers just won $500k and here’s everything you need to know about it.

8. Take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in advertising at the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival this year.

9. Having coding skills for everyone is apparently a new thing. Check why it’s so important.

10. From a fashion freelancer to Beyonce’s personal stylist. Amazing, right? Read the interview with Zerina Akers here.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup and this week as well. See you back here next week, and let the weekend start!

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