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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 22/04/16

Written by on April 22, 2016

Another week has ended and I have the great pleasure of presenting you with the most talked-about topics and articles from the InvoiceBerry office in one short round-up.

Small Business

1. (UK) After employees completed 26 weeks of employment they are eligible for flexible working rights. Do you need a flexible working policy?

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2. (VIDEO) A Wall Street Journal video about Small Business in Crisis. Worth watching every second!

3. Google Post will allow businesses to publish content directly into search result pages. How can small businesses utilise it?

4. (US) Hispanic-owned businesses grew by 46.3 percent from 2007 to 2012 in Southern California. However, revenue growth is lagging behind.

5. (AU) Max Newnham from TaxBiz Australia helps to understand the differences between a company and a sole trader when planning for tax optimisation and salary payments.

6. (CHINA) Chinese banks are lending more to small businesses due to government policies for jobs and economic growth. Year on year rise of 14.5 percent.

7. (US) A story about growing pains of a small business: Cowgirl Creamery had to up their production when Whole Foods wanted to stock them in 45 of their stores.

8. (US) The Golden State Warriors about how to us technology to offer a better customer experience. Six tips any small business should follow.

9. Four tips by PCWorld on how to maximise space in your small business’ server room.

10. (UK) It’s no news that Entrepreneurs are natural risk takers. But does it actually pay of to be on the riskier side of life? The Guardian investigated!


1. Two-thirds of freelancers agree that freelancing provides the opportunity to work from anywhere according to a new survey. An in-depth write-up analysing the shift from a traditional employment world to a freelancing dominated one.

2. Gender discrimination is a real problem in the freelance world. While 73% of journalism graduates are women, they only make up 37% of newsroom staff. How can we improve this?

3. (UK) Seb Maley of Qdos Consulting analysing the question of whether or not freelancing 9-to-5 bears a risk of penalties by HMRC. It’s all about how you operate your freelancing!

4. Five successful 6-figure freelancers share their stories on how to get new clients and thrive at freelancing.

5. Abigail Edge shares her story and tips on how to become a successful freelancer overseas.

6. Instagram generates 58 times more user engagement than Facebook. How can freelancers use the platform to grow their business?

7. Freelancers enjoy a great amount of flexibility and potential income, but how to manage the money side of your business? A Five-Step plan for freelancers to manage their income.

8. Cold contacting, advertisement, referrals, networking: What are the best ways for freelancers to establish a client base?

9. Freelancing is a common thing among dance school graduates. Flexibility and freedom are great, but it can also be an unstable and transient lifestyle. Be prepared for it!

10. (US) While overall freelancing, self-employment and the “gig economy” is on the rise, it seems to be another story in rural America. What’s going on?

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

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