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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 18/08/17

Check out small business and freelancing news in our weekly roundup now!

Summer’s almost over, and it seems that the world’s coming to an end when you’re looking at the recent headlines over the past weeks.

Nevertheless, let’s stay optimistic about the future and use these two last weeks of August to recharge before the upcoming busy months.

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Here’s what’s new in the small business and freelancing world.

Small Business

1. What’s the best way to create your small business budget? Find out in our new guide here.

2. Small businesses often feel overwhelmed with various marketing tasks. Here’s how to find out that it’s time to hire a digital agency.

3. It’s been said a lot about Millennials and why they are so interested in starting a business of their own. Here are some examples where they can succeed.

4. Is innovation for your small business still possible? It always is, and here are 5 ways to implement it.

5. A lot of small businesses rely on team working together as a whole. Here are 15 qualities of a great team member.

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

1. Have you already been on vacation this year? Read this post to find out how important it is to turn off your phone.

2. Asking for a loan is a number one solution when it comes to financing. But check out these 6 alternative ways before.

3. With the new tax reform coming up in the nearest future, many women business owners are hoping for a change in the legislation in their favor.

4. There’s a slight difference between being a business owner and and entrepreneur. Find out who you are in this article.

5. Facebook is great for precise targeting, and here’s how freelancers can fine tune their ads to get more customers.

That’s it for this week, and don’t forget to tune in next Friday!

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