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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 10/06/16

Written by on June 10, 2016

As usual on Fridays, the InvoiceBerry team has picked the juiciest small business and freelance news for you to read before we all start celebrating the start of the weekend.

Now let’s take a look at all the new stuff that’s happened this week.

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Small Business

1. In less than 2 weeks the UK will vote on Brexit. Check out Bernard’s analysis on Brexit’s effects on small businesses in terms of financing and loans, regulation, and hiring employees.

2. This week Warren Buffett, Jack Dorsey and Michael Bloomberg shared their thoughts on small businesses at a Goldman Sachs event. Take a look at their different and useful advice.

3. The Federation of Small Businesses is backing the legal action against CVS due to the increased number of complaints from the small businesses who have recently received additional bills. It’s about time.

4. Thinking about changing the location of your small business? This list of the top 30 cities for small business entrepreneurs in the US should definitely give you some inspiration.

5. According to Forbes, now is the time to borrow money from the banks in the US. And with 23% of funding requests being approved this May by big banks, and 49% by small ones, the lending rates are attractive as never before, so give it a shot!

6. Are you talking to your customers enough? Check out Evelina’s article and find out why it’s extremely important to make communication with your clients a priority.

7. Is your small business expanding and you’re looking for new members to join your team? These tips will lead you through the transition period and help you hire the best employees.

8. Got a great new idea and wrapping up your small biz? Follow these 8 tips to properly plan and prepare your business for the exit.

9. Is the ‘overnight success’ of an entrepreneur a myth or a carefully planned reality? Take a look at the signs that you can become successful in business.

10. Tony Robbins, named by Harvard Business Press as one of the “Top 200 Business Gurus,” shares his 7 thoughts on how business owners can improve their way of thinking and reboot their brains in this Entrepreneur article.


1. The main thing that you have to learn as a freelancer (besides the skills that you build you freelance career around) is to be able to negotiate tasks with your clients. How? One of the main points is to know the value of a project for your employer, and here are the rest.

2. Content that has a catchy image receives 94% more views than one without any visuals. Check these free design templates that will make your content stand out.

3. After you set up the visual part, it’s time to personalize your website by adding a profile pic. But which one to choose? Should you smile or grin? Squint or make direct eye contact? See all the tips in this guide.

4. This blog post by Neil Patel on a new approach to the B2B content marketing is basically all we needed. Know which resources to use, lists to make, and who to hire to become successful.

5. Are you thinking of turning you freelancing business into an agency? Shelby Larson, co-owner of a digital marketing agency which started as a freelance website for work-from-home moms, shares her ideas and experience.

6. If you’re a dog lover, then maybe you’re the next dog care business owner? Our newly published guide on how to succeed in a dog care business is here.

7. Or maybe your calling is to become a mobile hairdresser? Check out InvoiceBerry’s infographic on the essential things you need to know first.

8. Сo-working spaces are getting more popular day-by-day, but is it a good idea to work there? Read this article and find out why they’ll make you more creative.

9. Working as a freelancer, you want to avoid the four major mistakes: bad tasks, bad business organization, bad clients, and bad situations.

10. Creative, passionate, motivated… Would you describe yourself like this? It definitely sounds familiar to your future employers, and they’ve read the same words 1 million times as well. Here’s the full list of cliches to avoid if you want to get hired.

And what is your hot topic from this week? Drop me a line on Twitter if you think we missed something!

Now it’s time to enjoy this summer day away from work. See you next week!

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