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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 08/04/16

Written by on April 08, 2016

This week’s most important news about small business and freelancing in a compact overview.

Small Business

1. (UK) New research by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) shows that 24% of small business owners don’t report any crimes committed against their business.

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2. (US) Small business borrowing jumped by 17% in February according to the Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Lending Index.

3. (UK) Guardian’s expert panel looks at the consequences of a BREXIT for SMEs. What’s better for SMEs: IN or OUT?

4. Hackers targeting small businesses by redirecting potential customers with similar sounding URLs. How can small business owners fight back?

5. (UK) A recent survey by payment provider PayPal reveals that almost half of UK businesses don’t sell abroad due to high shipping costs and custom and duties expenses. How to take advantage of an ever more globalised world?

6. (UK) James Barnett and Jonathan Masri talking about how small businesses can afford to set up central London HQs thanks to their service WorkPad.

7. (UK) Small business financing is exploding with more than quarter of a million SMEs expecting to take an online or alternative loan this year. Let’s get to grips with this new trend!

8. (AU) First celebrities, now Australian small businesses. Facebook’s live streaming feature is now available in Australia. How to take advantage of this game-changer?

9. (UK) Lower back pain, burn-out syndrome or bad posture in general? Find out about the most valuable health and safety courses for SMEs.

10. Banks are struggling with their SME customers. How can they turn this important sector in their business around?



1. Toptal, Upwork or Hackathon? The 5 best places to hire, or get hired as, an Android app developer.

2. No surprise here: The tech industry is the engine of the freelance economy according to a study by FlexJobs.

3. (UK) The rise of the self-employed is continuing in the UK. Around 15% of the workforce (or 4.6m workers) are classified as self-employed.

4. (US) The freelancing trend is growing around the world: 40% of American’s will be part of the freelance and contractor economy by 2020.

5. (UK) Tax and accounting export Graham Jenner answers the question whether or not you can start freelancing on maternity leave. Tip: You might want to think about forming a Limited company for that!

6. (Asia) Bangladesh’s freelancing economy is growing steadily thanks to IT outsourcing. Some freelancers earn 6 (and more) times the GDP per capita.

7. Five ways how quitting your job and going to freelance can improve your career in the long term. Are you ready?

8. Over 50% of freelancers are having trouble getting paid according to a Freelancers Union report. How can you ensure to get paid?

9. Hiring a freelance marketeer can save businesses a lot of money when time is pressing and resources are missing. What to look for in a freelance marketeer?

10. (Singapore) Freelancers are pushing for more rights in Singapore. How to improve their protection?

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