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Small Business and Freelancing Roundup: Week of 19/07/19

Written by on July 19, 2019

It’s almost August but summer heat doesn’t stop small businesses. Here are all the major updates in our weekly roundup.

Small Business

1. Amazon is under an antitrust investigation by the European Commission. Here’s what it might mean for the company and businesses in general.

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2. If you ever wanted to just get up and hit the road as a business owner, there’s not much stopping you. Find out these 3 essential tips for running your business remotely.

3. In 2019, most things can be outsourced for your small business. Here are some thoughts on the whole process.

4. Almost 80% of small businesses claim that they have been successful in the last year. Find out more data and thought here.

5. There’s still a huge gap between the number of men and women entrepreneurs. Although, ROI of investing in businesses founded by women is rising, and here’s more info on that.

Freelancing & Entrepreneurs

1. Is influencer marketing is a big false industry that’s going to collapse soon? Read more thoughts about it here.

2. According to the research, half of the Millennials are not saving enough for their retirement. Find out the myths that they still believe in and how they stand in the way of their future.

3. As for now, storytelling is one of the biggest marketing trends. Here’s why it might become the future of marketing.

4. In the digital world, brands must focus on personalizing offer for customers and at the same time be mindful about their privacy. Check out the best practices to build customer trust and loyalty.

5. To get into the writing niche, you need to know how to attract the attention of your potential clients. Check some of the most asked questions and answers here.

That’s it for today. Tune in next Friday for more.

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