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Run PHP scripts automatically with Cron Jobs (Crontab) and Debian

Written by on October 04, 2011

1. Log into your SSH.

2. Download Lynx (if you do not already have it):
$ apt-get install lynx

3. Edit your cron jobs file:
$ crontab -e

4. Type the path of your PHP script you want to run into the file:
* * * * * lynx -dump
Info: The five stars are for the minute, hour, day, week and month you want to run the script.
E.g. in our example the script is executed once every minute on every day and every week and month of the year.
If you want to run the script every day at 7:30AM you have to change it into:
30 7 * * * lynx -dump

5. Save and exit the editor.

6. Done!

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