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New InvoiceBerry logo

Written by on August 17, 2015


  • New logo: tick!
  • New website: tick!
  • New user interface for our online invoicing software: on the way!

After almost five years with our previous company logo we’re extremely happy to have relaunched our website with the new InvoiceBerry logo. We’ve been working on the new logo for almost one year with an array of designers and different approaches.

In total we had well over 100 drafts and finally agreed on the new logo.

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Our old logo

InvoiceBerry's old logo
InvoiceBerry’s old logo

The old logo clearly could be seen as a berry. It had all the characteristics we asked for back in 2010 which mainly was to show a berry in the logo.

Other requirements included the green and blue in the company name, the silver/gray “IPhone app”-like box as well as the gradient. All things which were very hot back in 2010.

InvoiceBerry’s new logo

InvoiceBerry's new logo
InvoiceBerry’s new logo

However, times change and we wanted to improve our logo. The new logo features an icon in front of the company name “InvoiceBerry” which we could argue about whether or not it is a berry.

Nevertheless, more importantly, it is easier to spot, more recognisable and easier to remember too. We moved even more away from out original green company colour. Already in 2011 we changed our website from a majority green to a majority blue design. Now in our current relaunch we removed the green even more in order to improve the user experience and go easier on our visitors’ eyes.

Below I’ve added a few pictures of some of the drafts we looked at.

invoiceberry_logo_proposal_1 invoiceberry_logo_proposal_2 invoiceberry_logo_proposal_3 invoiceberry_logo_proposal_4 invoiceberry_logo_proposal_5 invoiceberry_logo_sketches invoiceberry_nivoicing_software_logo_draft invoiceberry_sketch_draft_logo invoiceberry_sketching_new_invoicing_software_logo online_invoicing_logo_sketches

The above logo drafts are a random selection of the files I could find the fastest. We’ve had plenty more files during the process of creating our new logo.

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