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Lead Generation for Cleaning Services: 5 Bulletproof Strategies

Lead Generation for Cleaning Services: 5 Bulletproof Strategies

With over three million cleaning professionals catering to tens of millions of clients across the United States, the demand for cleaning services is undeniable. Today, commercial cleaning leads are a goldmine for marketers who know how to generate, nurture, and convert their leads. 

Lead tracking software dissects the customer journey from A to Z, granting you full control over your prospects, leads, and customers. From the first interaction with your brand to becoming loyal customers, knowing your clients is no longer a mystery. In addition to knowing about every click, browsing activity, and other key interactions, you will be able to leverage this knowledge to develop an actionable marketing plan. 

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No matter how brilliant a tracker and analyst you are, you have to generate leads first, which is a challenge of its own considering the tough competition in the cleaning services market. Of course, not all U.S.-based cleaning companies will be your direct competitors, but there are still many players you have to keep pace with.

Without further ado, let’s break down five bulletproof lead-generation strategies for cleaning businesses and what to do after you’ve captured your leads.

1. Bet on Value

SEO, PPC, and social media marketing are equally valuable tools in your toolkit, but they mean nothing unless you provide real value to your audience. A value-based approach will allow you to acquire and retain your leads and even turn some of them into brand advocates.

A value-centric approach starts with your online content. Follow these basic yet effective strategies:

Remember, valuable content is king. Leads will only choose you if your value proposition is better than the competition in at least one area.

2. Optimise Your Website for Search Engines (SEO)

The depth and accuracy of content are crucial for search rankings, but so is the technical side of it — keywords, meta title and meta description, internal and external links, and website structure appealing to your particular audience.

It’s important to remember, however, that SEO only brings prospects to your website, whereas your content turns them into leads and regular customers.

3. Try Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Pay-per-click ads appearing on top of organic search results are effective for promoting your cleaning services. To launch a PPC campaign in Google AdWords, choose your Bid Amount (the bid placed in a PPC auction to secure ad placement on top of search results) and try to get the maximum Quality Score (the quality of the UX of your ads and landing pages).

However, PPC isn’t always an obvious choice. On the one hand, it provides immediate visibility and allows you to control your results and budget. On the other hand, you have to win bidding wars, pay for each click on your ads, and can only sustain an influx of leads while you pay for them.

PPC is still a great tool to gain visibility, but hardly the one to wager on as your core strategy. Oftentimes it’s best to combine PPC with organic SEO while preserving the top-notch quality of your content and practising other strategies from this article.

4. Use Psychological Triggers

Cleaning services leads are no different from any other customers and, therefore, are subject to the same psychological patterns.

Use these psychological triggers to earn more leads across all your marketing channels:

5. Join an Affiliate Network

You don’t necessarily have to persuade prospects on your own. An affiliate network of publishers (lead sellers) and advertisers (lead buyers) can enrich your marketing arsenal with state-of-the-art tools you may lack when working alone. Key benefits include:

The good news is that you can join an affiliate network as an advertiser or publisher, and the tools The good news is that you can join an affiliate network like ClickBank when it comes to affiliate marketing on TikTok as an advertiser or publisher, and the tools you get will be free — except, of course, for the commission from the leads you buy or sell. Also, most affiliate programmes will allow you to create your own sub-network of affiliates to earn a percentage off each lead bought or sold by your referrals.

Use Lead Tracking, Distribution, and Analytics Software To Elevate Your Business

As valuable as lead generation is, it can only be effective if the process is automated and combined with a proper lead tracker system and analytics.

A well-balanced lead management system features:

Performance marketing companies like Phonexa combine top-tier lead tracking, distribution, and analytics software in an all-encompassing suite affordable to marketers of every scale. Automation, scaling, and deep insights into customer behaviour are game-changing weapons in the ever-evolving field of online sales, including the rapidly growing cleaning services industry.

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Oleksandr Rohovnin is a writer and expert in lead management at Phonexa. He dissects complex topics into easy-to-understand action steps so every reader can quickly apply theory to practice.

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