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InvoiceBerry new login

Written by on August 14, 2015

Old industry standards sometimes need refreshing too

InvoiceBerry used to work only with company-specific login pages. This meant that a company needed to go to their company login page (e.g. and enter their login details.

One major disadvantage of this approach, which has been used by a lot of successful Software-as-a-Service businesses, is that you might forget the link to your company login page from time to time…

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But no worries, there is a solution for that:

1. Simply go to

2. Click on LOGIN (wait…)

3. Enter your email address to find your company login page (wait…)

4. Click on the link which will appear (wait…)

5. Login

Yes, if you forgot your company link you needed to do exactly FIVE steps in order to login. Even worse, you needed to wait for three separate pages to load.

Saving your valuable time

We’ve now redesigned our website and internal login system in order to improve this experience. Now you need to do exactly two steps in order to log into your InvoiceBerry account:

1. Go to

2. Click on LOGIN and enter your login details in order to log in

Web design and development trends are continuously changing and evolving. Yes, a few years back it was common practice to use the previous system. Even more, there are still upsides to that previous system which meant that we kept the old system and added the new system on top. That way we can now provide the best parts of each system to our users.

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