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European Union E-Invoicing Law

Written by on October 15, 2012

Recently the European Commission (EC) has informed the public that all procurements accomplished by public sector buyers should be processed electronically by the middle of 2016 in Europe. The EC believes
that such a dramatic change will save millions of pounds every year. In Europe currently only 10% of procurements are processed electronically.


E-procurement doesn’t only help to save money, but it also makes the administration more efficient. No more photocopying, postage, printing or paper-based authorisation is required. Therefore, less people (and paper) are needed in the office.

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E-Invoicing case study

The Russell Group (a Glasgow-based third party logistics provider) saves more than £100,000 a year since they started using e-invoicing. It’s not only about the huge amount of money which they are saving, which obviously is important for any business, but they also said that now their invoices get authorised quicker and they don’t need to waste any more time chasing up people for approval.

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