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Best ways to find a web designer for your business homepage

Written by on April 24, 2013

How to find a web designer for a small business website?

Finding a Web Designer in today’s big wide web is extremely overwhelming and confusing. With so many Web Designers to choose from the process of picking one becomes a lot more difficult and time consuming, not like 10+ years ago where there were far less people interested in web design and having good design skills meant good command of the HTML and CSS language. In fact, I would say the amount of designers available isn’t far off the amount of businesses or individuals looking for a design.

Plan the finer details, such as what you’re looking to achieve

Having your business homepage designed requires more than thinking, “I want it to look pretty for my clients!” – No, it requires thinking about your budget, the style, whether you want more than just a design (such as SEO and marketing, good designers will have these services too), what you need it to include and what you want it to achieve. Once you know these information, it makes it easier to begin looking for one.

Look everywhere, shop around and get to know what’s available

This part of the process involves looking in every which place that could or does provide web design services. Too often people are in a hurry to get their business homepage designed only to find that the web designer they’ve picked does not have the ability or character to visualize and create what you envision, or perhaps they can but lack the skills to pull it off.

This can be avoided by taking the time to look in the following places:

  • Local Web Designers
  • Local Search Results
  • Global Search Results
  • Freelancing Sites (such as Elance, Guru or Freelancer)
  • Review sites that rate Web Design Companies/Firms
  • Referrals

These are all places you should definitely check out when looking for a web designer.

Research all possible candidates fully

By now you should have a general idea or plan of what you’re looking for and need, and a list of candidates that look like they might fit your criteria, now for the important part.

Start looking through portfolios and testimonials, filtering those that don’t appeal to you, and by appeal I don’t mean “Oh I guess he could get the job done”, I’m talking about, “Wow, I need this guy now” type of appeal.

This should knock the list down a little more, leaving only those who had feedback that looked good and whose portfolio really appealed to you. You should now go ahead and contact them, asking anything you might need to know. This way you’ll know just by talking to them who looks like they are on your wave length and who just simply doesn’t tickle your fancy!

This approach isn’t guaranteed to get you the best designer possible for your business homepage, but it stands a much higher rate of success than blindly picking the first designer you see on Google, which will mean less hassle, frustration and money spent!

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